I like to focus on Love during the month of February. It’s a no brainer since Valentine’s Day is this month. Classic feng shui instructs us to consider color, symbology, placement, and a balance of elements and yin yang to achieve harmonious feng shui in our space. Let’s examine those aspects of the Love & Relationship sector to see how we can improve and strengthen Love & Relationship in our homes.

COLORS: White, Pink, Red and Peach tones are all favored in this area of the bagua. Plus, have you noticed that everyone’s skin tone automatically looks better when surrounded by peachy or pink or red sheets? This is an advantage if your bedroom is located in your Love & Relationship area. The photo above is a nice example of peach tones used on walls and bedding, as well as a nice round yin shaped mirror. (However, it’s not great feng shui to have your headboard on the same wall as the entry door. Since this is a B & B and not an actual home, I’ll overlook that.)  You can add red, white, pink, peach accents to your space with candles, pillows, sheets, flowers.

SYMBOLOGY: Certain images inspire Love & Relationship ch’i (energy). Peonies are symbols of love. So are roses. Anything paired up (two candlesticks close to each other rather than spread to opposite sides of the mantle), a picture of two lovers/mated swans or other animals in pairs, hearts. Believe it or not, mothers and sisters also rule this area so a picture of your mom or of you as a mom is well placed in the Love & Relationship area of your home.

ELEMENTS:  Earth is the element represented by Love & Relationship. Clay tiles or ceramics in the colors of  love can add to the strength of your Love & Relationship area. So if your bathroom, for example, is located in your Love & Relationship area, it’s better to have ceramic tiles instead of wood flooring there.

YIN & YANG: Round shapes are feminine yin energy, square of rectangular shapes (and I include sharp pointed penetrating shapes like triangles) are considered masculine yang shapes. In any space, it’s good to have a balance of both. This strengthens the equality within your Love & Relationship area and brings balance to your actual relationship. Soft drapey fabrics would be yin, harder crisper window treatments such as shutters would be yang. Rounded edged furniture, yin. Sharper edges, yang. Look around your room and identify the yin and yang shapes there. Do you have a good balanced mix?

Just one of the fantastic peach rooms shown at site. Great use of color, yin yang, pairing of objects, and elements for Love & Relationship feng shui.



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