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Year of the Goat © Po Ping Lo

Year of the Goat © Po Ping Lo

Kung Hei Fat Choy means happy Chinese new year in Cantonese. Wishing all of my feng shui friends around the world a very happy year of the goat (sometimes also referred to as year of the sheep or ram). As she has for several years now, my good friend artist Po Ping has loaned me the use of her painted illustration celebrating the astrology of the new year. Thanks, Po!


What can we expect this year? As we head into the new Chinese calendar on February 19th, 2015 we might envision a steady path, contemplating our past achievements, and a feeling of calm should be our mantra this year. Peace efforts would be wise to be negotiated this year. If this is an impossible dream worldwide, think of your own individual life and make amends with those relationships that need it. For more info please go to this site that describes the year of the goat in more depth.

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Can anyone guess why I like this room? Answer: the two round ceramic stools under the wood table balance the yang energy of all the squares and rectangles. So does the round objet d’art next to the hand sculpture as does the cowhide rug but I’m not a big fan of dead animals so that design element  is “optional” depending on your personal preference. I also like the mix of elements: metal, water (black color equals water), wood, earth (plants), fire (red color). See more of this room at Apartment Therapy and browse their great site!

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Check out this sleek ‘tankless’ toilet design…at ApartmentTherapy.com

Fitting a toilet into a small space is a design challenge. If you’re feeling flush, Gerberit has a system that hides the tank within 2 x 4 stud walls so it appears tankless. Go get the full story at Apartment Therapy. And don’t let anyone give you that crap about not being able to design a sleek toilet, okay? 😉

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This is an example of a desk in the Command Position. Courtesy ApartmentTherapy.com

Feng Shui By Fishgirl often talks about the Command Position. No, it’s not the one in 50 Shades of Grey novel. The Command Position is most frequently referring to the placement of your desk or your bed but it can also refer to how you are situated in a restaurant, too. The idea is to place your back to a wall so that you can have a clear view of the entry door to the room. This way you are least vulnerable to someone coming up and surprising you. You are in command of the room. The photo above from ApartmentTherapy.com is a good example of this. The only thing that makes this particular office a little weak is that the back is facing a window instead of a solid wall. But overall the design of the space is pretty good. And one can always put the blinds down to create a solid wall effect when sitting at the desk working.

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KEYBOARD TO HAPPINESS / via Apartment Therapy

Colorful Keyboard Makeover With Masking Tape minifanfan | Apartment Therapy.  See “How To” at the link to original article. FUN Shui!

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Alison Brislin of Apartment Therapy did a very funny post that shows her Creativity & Future Projects skills to the max. The AT editor took photos of interior design rooms and matched them to photos of Ryan Gosling in a variety of outfits–the photo juxtapositions and commentary seemingly coming from the celebrity himself. Check out the post at the link below and see if you don’t find it hilarious as well as inspiring (for the excellent writing that Alison does as well as the visual interior design motifs).

Outfit to Home: Ryan Gosling | Apartment Therapy.

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photo from apartment therapy

Want to add some Creativity and style to your bathroom for good feng shui? Think bold wallpaper! Apartment Therapy shows you some fabulous examples for huge impact in a small space. This technique is also good for disguising imperfections in your plaster walls. Feng Shui By Fishgirl loves it because wallpaper is an inexpensive way to add art and personality to your powder room. And we all know that art lifts ch’i (energy)—great feng shui! See more at the link below:

Little Room, Big Impact: Bold Paper in the Powder Room | Apartment Therapy.

Two of my favorites from the many photos AT is showing:

Don't you just LOVE this shot from Apartment Therapy?

If you like frou-frou, this is a good choice. All pics Apartment Therapy

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Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Living artfully is great for your feng shui. Why not start from the floor up? Don’t be afraid of unique shapes, color-color-color, or even pictorial rugs that can be hung on the wall (like my “Opera House” rug that was created from one of my paintings of Stonington, Maine shown below).

Opera House Rug (Katy Allgeyer Collection)--Handcrafted Tibetan Rug made in Nepal

And how about the rug below from Company C instead of a simple Welcome Mat? Color adds ch’i (energy) and makes us cheerful by lifting our spirits.

Company C handcrafted rug.

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Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 11.50.34 AM

I love repurposing items from the wardrobe into home furnishings. This curtain idea uses pretty scarves as a room divider but you can use this idea for curtains, canopy beds, or even quilts. Read more about it on Apartment Therapy. And see what I did with my boyfriend’s old neckties here.

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Photo from Apartment Therapy, Click link for more

I get so excited when I see  (a) Creative Thinking (b) clean crisp colors (c) uncluttered living spaces (d) repurposed/recycled that doesn’t look like crap (e) innovative design ideas. This post —Palettes In The Home | Apartment Therapy DC.–has all of the above. The kitchen table pictured here is made from moving palettes! There’s more photos of other palette creations such as platform beds on wheels at the link. Go see and report back to Feng Shui By Fishgirl if you like or don’t like. And by the way, Apartment Therapy is one terrific source of interior design inspiration, don’tcha think?

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