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Chocolate & Strawberries = Sexy Brain Food

1) Make your own Valentine cards. Nothing says “I Love You” more than something you made yourself. This stimulates your Creativity feng shui sector.

2) Dip some strawberries in chocolate. This stimulates your Family & Health area because it’s been proven that fruit and chocolate are both good for your health.

3) Read up on the kama sutra. Increasing your Wisdom & Knowledge feng shui will benefit your Love & Relationship area as well.

4) Update your resume. Loving yourself and making yourself a priority is good for your Career sector.

5) Go see your mom. Or your grandmom or favorite aunt, etc. so that your Travel & Helpful People area will get a nice feng shui boost.

6) Declare your love to the world. Be famous for letting people know how much you love them! Your Fame & Reputation sector will love it.

7) Love your money. Make 2011 the year you get serious about your finances. Get out of debt, start investing, pay attention to your money so it will grow into Wealth.

8) Love, love, love. Love is the foundation from which all other goodness flows. Love-based decisions are better feng shui than fear-based ones.

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One of the Matisse odalisque paintings.

Okay, maybe it’s just my way of justifying the obligatory holiday weight gain and I’ll admit I need to exercise and eat healthier. But even at my skinniest I’ll never be Nicole Richie thin. And frankly, I don’t want to be. When did bellies & butts and looking like a woman go out of style? When I look at a Matisse painting I see myself. Beautiful, ripe, juicy womanhood was once considered to be the stuff goddesses were made of. There has been an attempt to acknowledge women come in all sizes and shapes and I applaud that even if it’s only a marketing ploy to sell more soap.

Art nouveau vases from the Lightner Museum.

These days, even the alien tribes of Avatar are anorexic. I found the Na’vi beautiful artistic creations, but it bothered me that there was no variation within the tribe. All Na’vi were the same height, weight, and pretty much the same youthful age without seniors and babies and people-in-between. I’m sorry, but one chief and his shaman wife do not make up a demographic of wise elders.

BTW, men are being pressured to conform to certain standards of beauty now, too. Case in point: Sean Murray who plays “McGee” on tv’s popular NCIS show has been often teased about working out in several episodes over the years. This last season, it was evident that he had lost the slight double chin, about 20 lb. His face actually looks haggard now that he’s lost weight. He’s always been cute. It’s just now he is more in line with Hollywood’s standards. I’m looking at his “before” pic and scratching my head…is THIS fat? I don’t think so…

To have good feng shui for our tribe–the human race–we need to embrace our own inner beauty, each and every one of us. Andy Warhol said “If everyone’s not a beauty, than nobody is.”
Old "chubby" McGee

New thinner McGee.

Are you conflicted about your beauty? Please share your comments.


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