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Feng Shui By Fishgirl can’t stress the need for yin & yang enough. You need yin (feminine ch’i energy represented by curves and rounded shapes and soft materials) to be in balance with yang (masculine ch’i represented by angles, squares, and hard materials) in order to achieve successful harmony, the essence of good feng shui. Recently I discovered the Miss Design blog where I found a post about a fabulous Tokyo restaurant.

The architect used green sustainable design as well as good yin & yang details. Notice how these photos capture the mood of the place. Do  you feel comfortable and at peace here? If you do, the architect and designer have done their job. Because a relaxed customer is someone who will spend more money at the restaurant.  See more pics here.

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Picture from Vosges Paris

Today Feng Shui By Fishgirl is looking at dining rooms with feng shui appeal. This first pic has all the elements: Earth (brick walls, ceramic base of table), Water (windows and mirror), Fire (the red of the floral chandelier), Wood (the gorgeous wood floors and some of the chairs, Metal (the white color as well as some of the chairs). Not only does it incorporate 5 elements for great balance, the dining table is round for yin energy balanced against the squareness of yang windows. The table and furnishings is in perfect proportion to the height of the ceilings and overall this has a stunning visual impact. The mismatched chairs are particularly cool.

My former loft in Los Angeles

Another similar room with high ceilings, white painted brick walls, tall windows…this is the loft I used to live in downtown LA. I had an oval shaped American antique table made with wooden pegs, bright orange chairs from IKEA, and my own artwork on the walls. The hearts painting was called “Loteria Corazon” and was hung in the Love & Relationship area of the space. The fiery orange chairs were perfect for the Wealth/Fame/Love areas, all located at the upper end of this 16′ narrow space (the open floorplan was 72′ long!).

The punch of pink saves this room from being too traditional.

I found a pic of a dining room with a square table and rug but the use of color saves the space from being boring. Can you also see that they have round accessories such as the pendant lamp and the glass bowl on the table that brings yin-yang balance and also balance to the 5 elements. The zingy color makes me feel that there would be stimulating conversations held at this dinner table!

Soft uplhostered chairs matched with solid wood is good feng shui for your tush!

The soft green dining room shown here has soft plush upholstered chairs with rounded edges and a round wood dining table. The orchid, the two small lamps, the swirly lamp overhead…all give a nice feng shui feel to this dining space.

Arwork is food for the soul in this dining room.

I found this dining room to be very beautiful even though the table is long and skinny. Why? Again, the balance is right…Wood, Water, Fire, Metal, and Earth (well not that much Earth…but cut flowers can represent Earth) are all here. But the key is accessorizing well. The chandelier and the well chosen art work plus the bright colored wall really make a statement.

Contemporary yet comfy.

This all white dining room might have come off cold and uninviting but the multi color chairs saved it. There is a preponderence of square yang shapes…but then the globe pendant lamps were brought in and the round dinner pates and voila: feng shui balance. Often dining rooms are neglected or take on too formal a function and are rarely used.

This one from Apartment Therapy (click photo to jump to link)

Got to add this last one from Apartment Therapy. ALL the elements represented here for optimum feng shui, plus art, plus yin-yang balance…yummm! What’s for dinner?

Even though it's yang-heavy, the balance of art, and three vases, and the cool lighting make it very good feng shui.

I can imagine all of the dining areas shown here to be rooms that are inviting and comfortable enough for every meal to be taken there. And THAT’s good feng shui. What’s your dining room look like? Do you use it often?

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I like to focus on Love during the month of February. It’s a no brainer since Valentine’s Day is this month. Classic feng shui instructs us to consider color, symbology, placement, and a balance of elements and yin yang to achieve harmonious feng shui in our space. Let’s examine those aspects of the Love & Relationship sector to see how we can improve and strengthen Love & Relationship in our homes.

COLORS: White, Pink, Red and Peach tones are all favored in this area of the bagua. Plus, have you noticed that everyone’s skin tone automatically looks better when surrounded by peachy or pink or red sheets? This is an advantage if your bedroom is located in your Love & Relationship area. The photo above is a nice example of peach tones used on walls and bedding, as well as a nice round yin shaped mirror. (However, it’s not great feng shui to have your headboard on the same wall as the entry door. Since this is a B & B and not an actual home, I’ll overlook that.)  You can add red, white, pink, peach accents to your space with candles, pillows, sheets, flowers.

SYMBOLOGY: Certain images inspire Love & Relationship ch’i (energy). Peonies are symbols of love. So are roses. Anything paired up (two candlesticks close to each other rather than spread to opposite sides of the mantle), a picture of two lovers/mated swans or other animals in pairs, hearts. Believe it or not, mothers and sisters also rule this area so a picture of your mom or of you as a mom is well placed in the Love & Relationship area of your home.

ELEMENTS:  Earth is the element represented by Love & Relationship. Clay tiles or ceramics in the colors of  love can add to the strength of your Love & Relationship area. So if your bathroom, for example, is located in your Love & Relationship area, it’s better to have ceramic tiles instead of wood flooring there.

YIN & YANG: Round shapes are feminine yin energy, square of rectangular shapes (and I include sharp pointed penetrating shapes like triangles) are considered masculine yang shapes. In any space, it’s good to have a balance of both. This strengthens the equality within your Love & Relationship area and brings balance to your actual relationship. Soft drapey fabrics would be yin, harder crisper window treatments such as shutters would be yang. Rounded edged furniture, yin. Sharper edges, yang. Look around your room and identify the yin and yang shapes there. Do you have a good balanced mix?

Just one of the fantastic peach rooms shown at http://www.thelennoxx.com site. Great use of color, yin yang, pairing of objects, and elements for Love & Relationship feng shui.



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PATIO PERFECT: Considering feng shui in outdoor living spaces

A plan for a Tuscan Dining area, outside!

I love the idea of taking outdoor space and making it actually an extension of living space. If you have acreage–or if you cleverly use what you have–you can substantially expand your square footage of living area. The layout shown above has a good balance of yin-yang shapes (round feminine vs. square masculine). See how many circles and squares you can find. Then go look at Sunset Magazine for more images of this beautiful garden space.

In contrast, above is a photo recently featured in a house tour on Dwell.com (“Double Time“). I liked much of the house until I got to the back door and outdoor space. What a perfect opportunity for the designers to incorporate a little feng shui balance. For example, the window in the upper right hand corner of the photo could have easily have been a round one. Or, the terrace stones could have had rounded yin shapes instead of echoing all of the squares and grids (a very tired trend). What else doesn’t feel right? The step down and the fact that it is all grass. I’ll bet that back space would be utilized a lot more if the upper terrace under the roof was a solid floor (either decking, stonework, or concrete) instead of grass. What more perfect area for an outdoor living space than one like this—opportunity squandered. Do you agree? Check out the rest of the pictures at Dwell.

A nice balance of feng shui elements.

I like the use of wood, earth (slate tiles), fire (hot pink tablecloth) and I’m hoping they have some metal and some water feature that is off camera. This is another patio example seen at Sunset Magazine. I also want to point out the wonderful use of vines crawling up the corner of the house. This is a great example of using plants to eliminate/solve/cure a feng shui problem known as a knife edge. All corners jutting outward create knife edges. It’s not a problem unless you plan to sit or sleep in front of one. This one was completely neutralized by the rounded leaved plants growing up and concealing it.

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Try saying THAT five times fast! Besides being a tonque twister, patriarchal architecture is a term I use to describe those overly masculine structures (a.k.a. phallic symbols) that reinforce the yang Qi–masculine energy–in a space. Here are some examples discovered recently on a trip to St. Augustine, Florida which bills itself as the oldest city in America…

St. Augustine Light

The St. Augustine Fort

Flagler College (former Flagler Hotel)

If you’re going to build a fortress, you might as well go for the all out macho mindf*ck style to scare away your enemies. But if you’re building a home, you want to include a balance of yin (feminine) shapes to offset the yang.

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Marni's bedroom is less cluttered, the art is hung lower, and she's brought in some solid color bedding.

Marni's bedroom is less cluttered, the art is hung lower, and she's brought in some solid color bedding.

The addition of the rounded leaf plant is good feng shui for the bathroom.

The addition of the rounded leaf plant is good feng shui for the bathroom.

For the “before” photos and my analysis, see original post.

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A pair of mismatched bedside tables that defy a feng shui principle.

A pair of mismatched bedside tables that defy a feng shui principle.

Trying to get your love groove on? If you’re having trouble with your mate or problems finding a date, the feng shui solution could lie in your choice of bedside tables. Traditionally, feng shui for activating the Love & Relationship sector includes the following ‘rules’ about bedside tables;

*Always have two bedside tables, not one.

*Always have matching bedside tables to represent a balanced, equal, loving relationship where one person(table!) doesn’t dominate or overwhelm the other.

Rules are made to be broken (and it’s so much more fun to break them, don’tcha think?). I found this photo on Apartment Therapy that illustrates my point. Here are two not-so-obviously mismatched tables that work beautifully. And, I think they represent a union of two individuals, separate but equal, finding common ground in love. What’s next to your bed?

UPDATE 3/17/2010: Here’s a photo from Apartment Therapy that I just love. The homeowner used etageres as nightstands. Good feng shui? Yes, these work because they are the same but also importantly they do not overpower the bed because artwork was hung properly to balance it out in the center.

Here’s another bedroom with beams and a beamed bed.


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Furnishings by Oly

Here’s a very glam bedroom from manufacturer “Oly” as seen at High Point International Furniture Market this weekend. The combination of shapes includes round and square, soft and angled, great relaxing colors all add up to great feng shui.

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Wallpaper by Camilla Diedrich

Wallpaper by Camilla Diedrich

I wonder if the bunnies come with every order of wallpaper from award winning designer Camilla Diedrich? I think this “Trueblue WallPaper in Grey” pattern is stunning and I love how she used a round ball lantern with square paned glass door to give a yin-yang balance to the room. There’s nothing more boring than blank walls so if you can’t afford fine art paintings, look for wallpaper or decals that eliminate the need for additional art.

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You’ll hear a lot about the concept of yin-yang in feng shui circles. Yin is the feminine principle: curves, round or oval shapes, softness. Yang is its masculine counterpart: angular lines, square/rectangle/triangle shapes, hard corners. To create a feng shui flow, it’s wise to incorporate both yin and yang throughout a room or home. Be conscious of the balance between the two. This day bed from the Moderne Maru Collection by designer Carol Gregg for red egg illustrates the beauty of combining both circles and squares in one piece of furniture. Note the yin-yang variety of cushions used here as well. BTW, “maru” is Japanese for circle.

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