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Year of the Dog 2018

Kung Hei Fat Choy! As is my custom here at Feng Shui By Fishgirl, each Chinese New Year I feature the art of my dear friend Po Ping T’so Lo in Hong Kong. This year Po has deftly captured the Year of the Dog (maybe because the two adorable pups in the painting are portraits of her own pets). Gratitude to this wonderful artist and friend for giving me permission to publish her artwork.

Every cliche you hear about actual dogs– loyalty, honesty, doggedness, helpful and steadfast friend, playful nature, good appetite, intelligence, protective of loved ones, unconditional love– is true for people born under this sign, too.

Whatever you sign, may you find true love, true health, and true luck in the Year of the Dog!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.45.44 PM

Copyright Po Ping T’so Lo 2018

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There’s a really comprehensive post about fancy dog houses over at Click the link and you’ll see more photos of supermodel Rachel Hunter’s dog houses (shown here) as well as Paris Hilton’s supposedly $325K doggie digs. Having pets is wonderful for your feng shui. Making them live apart from you in an outside house–no matter how nice–is not so great for either of you. If you want to benefit from the loving relationship that a dog can give you, treat them as you would any member of the family.

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I stumbled across this fab stove renovation recently (see more pics of the steampunked home here) and fell in love with the vintage look that has been totally refurbished to modern standards. The old copper water heater next to it is really a doggie watering hole. Clever!

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Click here to see more sweet “awwww….i’m lovin’ these pics” photos!…. at the blog! Looking at nature shots like this gives your ch’i a lift. And THAT’s good for your feng shui!

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GONE FISHIN’ (For Wild Aquarium Design!)

Having gold fish in your home or office is great for your feng shui. I’m not so sure about keeping them in your toilet tank, however. Check out deMILKED for a wonderful post of 14 of the coolest and  most unusual fish tanks you’ll ever see. Pictured above is the Fish ‘n’ Flush and below is the Infinity Tank. The others include a sofa tank, a sink tank, and some very unusual designs you won’t want to miss.


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I just bought one of those magnetic mesh screen portable doors for the door to our deck. Our two dogs figured it out right away (they can push right through it or go under–their choice!). I have been meaning to get this product for a long time to try it out. The one I got I bought at Staples but I found a link for it on It’s called “Magic Mesh“. It was easy to assemble and it means I can keep the flies and bees out while I sit at my desk enjoying fresh air and blogging Feng Shui By Fishgirl. Anyway, keeping bugs at bay is good feng shui unless you’re a lizard. 🙂


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Last night I downloaded this really cool app to my Kindle Fire. The Audobon Guide to North American Birds is a spectacular interactive app that lets you keep a record of your own bird sightings even while it’s helping you to ID birds via photos and even bird sounds!

For an awesome–an unbelievable but true!–video of a cat and an owl at play (they’ve known each other since they were one month old and each animal is now a year old), go check out this video of Fum & Gebra. It’s a reminder to us that there is no reason why we can’t all get along on this planet. If an owl and a pussycat can play together side-by-side why can’t we?

I became interested in birds because we have been watching barred owls nest and grow up in our very own backyard in North Carolina. My bf took the photos below from our deck which is about 20 feet from their favorite tree.

Photo © Scott Morgan

Owls represent wisdom and night vision and mystical clairvoyance. Native Americans believed they represented the magic of seeing behind the veil of illusion…because the owls heads seem to turn completely around, they can see in all directions, helping us to see things we may not want to see! If you’re on facebook (and who who who isn’t?) please check out The Owls Page fan site for owls and go “like” them if you are as owl crazy as I am!

© Scott Morgan

I used a vintage botanical owl drawing in one of my new “Fortunate Flowers” series paintings. The original painting is 20″ x 24″ and as of this writing is still available. Prints in a variety of sizes can also be ordered. Contact me for more information.

Anything with a heart shape is a good symbol of Love & Relationship. Photography Blogger has some great owl shots but in particular I love this Barn Owl with its heart shaped face! Photo was taken by Jennifer Graevell.

Of course,  no discussion of feng shui is complete without also discussing Wealth. Did you know that “owls” were coins used over 2000 years ago as money? Find out more about this fascinating story here.

I found a website that explained the ties between America’s founding father (George Washington) and the Freemasons. There is supposedly an owl on the American dollar bill.

And if you are Owl Crazy, I know you’ll LOVE the Geoffrey Warner Studio Owl Stool as much as I do. It even comes in a kit so you can finish it and assemble DIY.

Geoffrey Warner Studio “Owl Stool”

The camouflaged owl photo below is by Jennie Marie Schell and is for sale in a variety of print formats. She calls it “Barred Owl Peek-a-boo”. This is the same kind of owl we have nesting in our backyard year after year.

I might have to bite the bullet and sign up for HootSuite so I can manage all my social media and post my owl photos to more sites! Who who who do you like best for social media sites? Do tell!


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They’re calling them pEi pods and they come with a cushion inside but Feng Shui By Fishgirl thinks they would make really swell litterboxes for your cat. The easter egg design works as good yin energy and you could turn the opening away to disguise the entry for good feng shui. Looking for some other type of litterbox feng shui solution? Click here to a previous post.

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Boutique hotels are popping up everywhere carved from unusual spaces. One such I stayed in recently is the City Loft Hotel in Beaufort, SC. The owner took a tired motel and transformed each room into a stylish micro-loft. There is a fitness center and a cafe in the building. The hotel staff welcomes you with a voucher for 2 free coffee or tea drinks from the cafe (that also has gourmet goodies and sandwiches). The decor is modern. Art, colors, fabrics, and comfort details have all been carefully chosen and have a wonderful feng shui feeling.

Directly outside your door is an umbrella’ed table and chairs to enjoy the balmy Beaufort weather while sipping your beverage. But the best part of all is the spa like bathroom where you can relax in a soaking tub while watching TV. The City Loft Hotel is pet friendly, too. While you’re in Beaufort, be sure to check out Hunting Island State Park.

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Feng Shui By Fishgirl is focusing this month on the Travel & Helpful People section of the bagua. I have been to Hunting Island State Park outside of Beaufort, SC twice and its unusual beauty still haunts me. The beach has trees strewn about it like so many pick-up sticks, left there by a hurricane several years ago. The branches and trunks and roots of trees poke up out of the sand of this broad beach. The feeling is eerie and surreal. Walking among these sculptural forms with the waves crashing nearby is a meditative and inspiring experience. The park also offers a beautiful lighthouse, boardwalk trails that take you out into the grassy lowlands marshes, and lots of wildlife. They even have a pond that is sometimes inhabited by an alligator. If you decide to go, stay at the City Loft Hotel–a boutique hotel in historic Beaufort. (tip: they are pet friendly!)

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