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COLOR MY WORLD: Creativity & Future Projects Area

Crayons pic from NPR

This picture puts a smile on my face. Makes me remember how exciting it was to receive a new jumbo box of Crayola crayons as a kid. Oh the possibilities! In feng shui, we follow the bagua (map) to discover what sectors of a space are related to what area of life. The Creativity & Future Projects sector is located just beneath the Love & Relationship sector along the right hand side of the map.

The Creativity area is also related to Children. That means it is a great area to locate your kid’s room or their play area. It’s also a wonderful location for an art studio, writer’s den, or workshop. If that doesn’t fit into your floorplan, don’t worry. You can enhance and activate the Creativity area by bringing photos of children, yourself as a child, artwork done by children, or child-like art (mobiles, for example) and placing them within this section. For example if your Creativity sector happens to be your kitchen, hang your kids art work on the wall or fridge and display creative cookbooks/cookware/and fun chef’s tools. If it’s your master bedroom and you want to keep it decorated in a sophisticated manner, simply bring in photos of your children—you can even keep them in expensive photo albums within the space.

It’s important to express Creativity within that sector so use your imagination when decorating her. Bring in art. Use interesting fabrics and window treatments. If you’re more the traditional type, go a “little” wild and show some flair particularly in the Creativity area.
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