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AQUA: The Shape of Things to Come

Pic from LA Times

From it’s undulating yin (feminine) curves to it’s name “Aqua” connoting the element of Water and the color of Sky, this new skyscraper in Chicago designed by Jeanne Gang of Gang Studio is making a feng shui statement whether intentional or not. The 82 story building is the tallest in the world designed by a female architect. I love how that sounds. And I love how this looks. I say thumbs up, what do you say?

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Photo Cheryl Gerber for New York Times

So far 15 of the Make It Right NOLA houses –1/10th of the planned number–are completed in New Orleans. According to the NYT these houses are becoming known as “The Brad Pitt Houses” and are a new tourist attraction there. I think they’re chi-ful but some are concerned that the architects invited to work on the project have not thought to incorporate references to familiar New Orleans themes. What do you think?


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