BEAM ME UP, SCOTTIE: Beams & Feng Shui

This photo that I lifted from Apartment Therapy gave me a perfect illustration of “beams over the bed” feng shui problem. What we’ve got is a gigantic wooden beam crossing over the bed at about chest position. Then we’ve got support beams coming from the walls up to the cross beam that would be positioned over the sleeper’s head. What’s wrong with this picture?

Beams carry a lot of weight (that’s kind of their job, actually). In feng shui terms, the weight is then energetically pressing down on you if you are immediately under the beam. That’s fine if you’re in a temporary sitting area such as a dining room or living room. But it’s not fine for working at a desk all day or sleeping in a bed all night. Sooner or later it will give you problems with headaches, lack of sleep, pressure in your relationship and other problems.

It appears obvious to me that this bedroom is set up to enjoy the view out a window opposite the bed as well as the fireplace. This is where the bed has to go. No worries, Feng Shui By Fishgirl always has a solution. A classic feng shui solution would be to hang a firecracker under the beam. Doesn’t seem like that would work into the decor or add to the romance, does it? No. Therefore I would suggest painting the beams white. White is the feng shui equivalent of metal and metal cuts wood. In addition, I would create a canopy of fabric coming up from behind the bed and draped across to attach to the beam. This would transform the bed into a custom made canopy bed, bring down the ceiling height for a cozier sleeping experience, add some yin (feminine) energy, and solve the problem of the beam.


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13 responses to “BEAM ME UP, SCOTTIE: Beams & Feng Shui

  1. Carole Henley

    Katy I can’t believe you posted this just now!!….Not completely the same story BUT…. we JUST had a bunch of beams from the “70’s”(painted white) taken down from our ceiling and our ceiling painted….I had taken just a few off months ago, w/others left up and one broken in half!! FINALLY Joe’s brother came removed the “trash” and “popcorned” … See Morethe “glue lines” left behind and painted the ceiling …I told Joe after it was done, that I didn’t realize how awful “Fung Shui” it was before we had it taken care of….I can’t describe it…Before I looked up with “yuk”….now I look up with “sereneness” and aaaaaahhhh!!! ; ))

  2. margotmarrakesh

    I really like your point that there is always a solution, and I appreciated a photo of the exact problem while reading your post.

    Margot, the Woodsheep

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  4. My goodness, those beams over the bed, especially one, look like guillotines. Sometimes, I don’t see it in this exaggerated a form. What were they thinking? Do you think you could really fix this one in any other way than to move the bed?

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  9. Hey Fishgirl,
    Thanks for a great article!

    My boyfriend and I are looking for a new apartment and we got hooked on this one:

    I love it, BUT it has so many beams – all over. Would you suggest painting it ALL white (lots of work) or is there another solution? Or is it simply to much and we shouldn’t move in there at all?

    It’s on perfect location in central Utrecht and big enough for us to lead workshops in the living room. Just don’t wanna move into a space with crappy chi 😉

    Grateful for your feedback!

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