Photo from Dwell Magazine

What’s wrong with this picture? It certainly looks cool. But the new addition has caused an L or cleaver shape to the home and that has changed the feng shui. From what I can tell, this photo is a view of their backyard so I’m basing my reading on the front door being out of view on the other side of this house. That would mean that by adding this addition, the owners have created a missing sector of their bagua. In this case, the addition is locate in their Love & Relationship sector. Can you tell what’s missing? Yes, it’s their Wealth area (and also Fame & Reputation in the middle). Yikes! Do you have a layout like this one? No worries. You can complete the bagua —add it back in— by adding a large tree(lighting it would be even better) at the exact point formed by drawing a line from the house and a line from the addition (so you now have a square again). You could also not plant a tree, simply put a tall lamp post there or a flagpole–something tall to anchor and balance out the missing sector. The tallness is to make sure the addition does not dominate the Wealth area, overshadowing it. See more photos of this house at Dwell Magazine.


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  1. Nikki

    Thanks for that tip! My house is an upside down T shape, meaning I’m missing big chunks from the relationship and career sectors. The career side is quite well balanced on the outside (hardwood decking) and my career hasn’t been suffering (the opposite in fact), however my husband and I have had serious issues since moving in and just seperated a few days ago 😦

  2. Hi. Our home was initially built without a wealth area; at some point a room was added, making the wealth bagua large. Consequently, this extension caused the family and knowledge areas to appear small or missing. The wealth extension is less than half the length of the house.
    My question is: do I go with the original floor plan? Do I treat the wealth bagua separately? Do I use the existing floor plan and add enhancements out of doors (I feel overwhelmed by this option)?

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