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Come February, we’ll be entering the Year-of-the-Tiger according to the Chinese New Year calendar. Tiger energy is strong, direct, goes-for-what-it-wants. Tiger energy is also creative and protective of family. Utilizing symbols of Tiger energy can improve your feng shui this year. Even if you weren’t born in a Tiger year, you may still benefit from adding Tiger motifs to your home or office space.

This tiger tureen that I already owned will be more prominently displayed this year for extra feng shui blessings.

Pictures or statues of tigers and tiger striped fabrics and accessories used as accents this year will remind you to harness the Qi (energy) of your inner tiger. Even Tiger Oak antique pieces will activate Tiger energy. You can find tiger striped lingerie and other tiger imagery on clothing, on placemats, on floormats for cars, welcome mats for the home…get creative! Seek out one or two cool tiger symbols that will kickstart the Year of the Tiger for you personally. This post at Apartment Therapy has some great visuals pertaining to tiger motifs.

Of course, having a “real tiger” in the form of a housecat in the home is beneficial as well. Pets are proven to be healthy good company which boosts our immune systems, calm our blood pressure, help us to get exercise and fight depression. You may choose to get a pure breed or adopt a kitty from a shelter. But I don’t want to suggest you go out and get a cat unless you are ready for a long commitment. Domestic cats can live way longer than dogs (it’s not unusual for cats to live 15-20 years while most dogs last 8-14 years). For information on the feng shui of litterboxes see my other post.


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