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This painting “ATLANTA(Blue Sky Dream” isn’t finished yet and the photo doesn’t do it justice but I wanted to share my work-in-progress since we’re celebrating MLK Day today. Happy Birthday, Martin. We shall never forget you.


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From time to time I like to do a feng shui analysis of photos I find online. Today’s LA Times has a featured “Home of the Week” of a modern mid-century home in Beverly Hills. The house is a long rectangle. The photo shown here is the media room. Does it have good feng shui? Yes. Here’s why:

*Because the location of the media room is to the left of the Mouth of Chi (entry door to home), looking at the location of the door I place the media room to be in the Career Area of the home. Since this home is and has been owned by people with entertainment careers, having a media room in this location enhances/strengthens that portion of their Career bagua.

*Because the Career sector of the bagua is activated by the color black, the sofa color is a good choice.

*Because the Career sector is activated by the element of water, the color black represents water and is doubly a good choice for the sofa. In addition, the huge windows represent water as well.

*The balance of yin-yang is good here: curvy couch, curvy track lighting, round ceramic tables, tiles with curvy lines….all of these curves offset the square and rectangular angles of the media center.

*Balance of elements is good: water (as mentioned above), metal(the track lights and accents), wood (the front of the cabinet), earth (the tiles and the ceramic tables), and a slight touch of fire (the red accent pillows on the couch). You don’t want too much fire here because you don’t want to dowse the influence of the water which is naturally located in the Career area.

What could be improved? I’d add a large round-leaved plant to bring in some green representing wealth, health, and breathing energy to this room. What would you do?

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