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love, love, love

Valentine’s Day is represented by hearts. Look around you and there always is an explosion of heart symbols this time of year. I love this symbol of love and have hearts in the form of boxes, paintings, stained glass window hangings, and jewelry around my home to remind me of love. I don’t go overboard…balance is key to good feng shui. If you want to activate love in your life, locate your Love & Relationship sector of the bagua and add some hearts.
Love Power Hearts

Looking for a new career related to hearts? Click here. And here is a link to slideshow of beautiful heart art painted by me and my beloved Scott. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This pricey bike has a very unusual design that combines an elliptical trainer with a bicycle. I just like it ’cause it’s orange! Click here to learn more about this product. Keeping yourself healthy by exercising and eating right is good for your feng shui. To support that intention it’s also wise to clear up your Family & Health area of all clutter and negative symbols. Find your Family & Health area with the Feng Shui By Fishgirl bagua map page. Use your feng shui eyes to remove anything that speaks of illness. For example, one client I worked with had an antique Victorian wheelchair as decor in hers, another had a pile of pill bottles (some empty, some with expired prescriptions, some new) located on a table in hers, another client was keeping broken furniture and accessories in her Family & Health area. Clear it out, clean it up, and strengthen by placing symbols of good health in this sector. You might consider turning your Health space into a home gym if it is a separate room in your house, for example. Or you might just emphasize by hanging pics of you and your loved ones in the peek of good health on the walls. Large green thriving houseplants connote health. Can you think of some other positive symbols?

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I’m still in awe of all the wonders you can discover on the internet that you might not have access to otherwise. Take as an example the carved book art of Guy Laramee. Thanks to This is Colossal art & design blog (where you can see many more fantastic photos of Guy’s work, btw). The Buddah wall is my favorite and the landscape in a stack is awesome, too. Which ones do you like? I’d put these in my Wisdom & Knowledge area of the bagua for activating my feng shui. Why? Because they are books (an obvious symbol of Wisdom & Knowledge) and fine art (ditto) and these two relate to Buddah which is naturally placed in this sector. What’s also cool is that the artist repurposes old books that would otherwise be tossed out. Recycling the knowledge. I like it!


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Apple® Pie in Remembrance of Steve Jobs

Apple® Pie    (photo ©Katy Allgeyer)

Apple® Pie (photo ©Katy Allgeyer)

Very few people have lived so fully within the Creativity & Future Projects sector of the feng shui bagua as Steve Jobs did. Founder and CEO of both Apple and Pixar Animation, Steve shaped the way we communicate with his innovative visions. Dying of cancer at age 56 would be tragic for most of us and I do not discount the tremendous loss that his family and colleagues and employees must feel today. However it is worth noting that Steve’s legacy will continue to shine on and inspire for generations to come. And that is a life well lived, no matter how short it was. Today I baked an Apple® Pie in his honor.

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This website was built with feng shui in mind.

Incorporating feng shui into a web site activates and energizes it in a very subtle way. It’s something the designacologist does naturally when designing websites, business cards, brochures, and paintings. TaylorWrite is a new global marketing firm owned by Kate Taylor. Kate spent 10 years living in Shanghai and Hong Kong and another 10 years traveling throughout Asia. Kate knows about the power of feng shui symbolism and asked me to work with her on creating her new site with feng shui in mind. The entry page is my favorite: can you guess why? It’s not a simple photo collage. It’s a photo collage arranged in a circular bagua formation. Note Kate’s pic is in the upper central position (Fame & Reputation). Go to the site and see if you can discover the numerous feng shui principles we used in the final edit of the design. The ste has also been translated into Chinese.

Note where the "Heartlink" red logo with heart is located.


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COLOR MY WORLD: Creativity & Future Projects Area

Crayons pic from NPR

This picture puts a smile on my face. Makes me remember how exciting it was to receive a new jumbo box of Crayola crayons as a kid. Oh the possibilities! In feng shui, we follow the bagua (map) to discover what sectors of a space are related to what area of life. The Creativity & Future Projects sector is located just beneath the Love & Relationship sector along the right hand side of the map.

The Creativity area is also related to Children. That means it is a great area to locate your kid’s room or their play area. It’s also a wonderful location for an art studio, writer’s den, or workshop. If that doesn’t fit into your floorplan, don’t worry. You can enhance and activate the Creativity area by bringing photos of children, yourself as a child, artwork done by children, or child-like art (mobiles, for example) and placing them within this section. For example if your Creativity sector happens to be your kitchen, hang your kids art work on the wall or fridge and display creative cookbooks/cookware/and fun chef’s tools. If it’s your master bedroom and you want to keep it decorated in a sophisticated manner, simply bring in photos of your children—you can even keep them in expensive photo albums within the space.

It’s important to express Creativity within that sector so use your imagination when decorating her. Bring in art. Use interesting fabrics and window treatments. If you’re more the traditional type, go a “little” wild and show some flair particularly in the Creativity area.
Express yourself! Comments always welcome.


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Painting by Katy Allgeyer (c) 2008

Painting by Katy Allgeyer (c) 2008

Where do you place your health and fitness on your list of priorities? Seriously, make a list. Examine your list closely. Is working late hours a higher priority than working out? Does scoring the next raise and promotion rate higher with you than raising your heartbeat? If so, you’re not practicing feng shui.

The feng shui bagua map positions the “Family & Health” sector immediately below the Wealth sector. This signifies the importance of maintaining good health in order to create abundant prosperity. It also is symbolic of the idea that a strong family, a strong body and mind, are essential to building a strong foundation for attracting and accumulating wealth.

The art of feng shui is about achieving balance in our lives so that chi (energy) can circulate freely without blockage. I often think of feng shui as yoga for the environments where we live and work because yoga teaches our bodies to breathe. Ever get winded going up a flight of stairs? Well, if your home or office has stagnant energy in it, it’s like the room or building itself is in a constant state of being winded. Not having enough energy to do the job. And in this case, the job I’m referring to is having enough positive chi to support a balanced life, a life filled with opportunities for success.

Spring is a time of renewal. I recommend that in order to create more wealth and prosperity in our lives, we must pay more attention to our health and our family relationships.

*Routine maintenance. Get a complete physical to make sure you catch any problems early.

*Get moving! Fit exercise into your busy schedule, even if it’s simply walking more.

*Eat healthy. It’s really true that we are what we eat. A good rule of thumb is to eat a wide range of colors in fruits and veggies so you know you’re getting your vitamins naturally.

*Make amends. If you have some discord with family members, take the first step towards reconciliation.

Remember, maintaining good health and healing those family rifts directly impacts your wealth sector. Reason enough to do it!


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