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We hate to think of ourselves as the kind of people who think
in stereotypes, don’t we? But even those of us with the best
intentions are subconsciously influenced by our perceptions
of certain archetypal symbols that represent either positive or
negative emotions.

For example, most of us would react with disgust and repugnance
if we walked into a potential employer’s office and found a huge
Nazi swastika on the wall. But did you know that Hitler borrowed
that windmill shaped cross symbol from ancient Chinese and Tibetan
cultures where it has an auspicious and benign meaning of good
fortune? I’m not saying that we should suddenly embrace the swastika as a good luck symbol. My point is to illustrate how we imbue symbols with powerful energy for good or for evil with our collective perceptions.

(Pic courtesy of Reclaim the Swastika)

This is an extreme example. From smiley faces and Valentine’s
Day hearts to Nike swooshes and Starbucks mermaids…
in daily life, we are surrounded by iconic symbols that stir emotions
within us.

Feng Shui teaches us that the intentions behind the symbols are
what makes them powerful. With that in mind, wouldn’t you rather
have your working environment filled with positive, upbeat,
supportive symbols?

Look around your work space. Do you find any of these:

Feng Shui No-No’s

* Dead or scraggly plants.

* Unless you’re in the movie industry and equate movie posters
in terms of the film’s financial grosses, having posters that depict the Titanic
sinking, for example, would not be a positive symbol for a company’s

* Broken clocks symbolizing stopped momentum.

* Sports memorabilia from perpetually losing teams.

* Photographs of people or situations that make you feel sad.

* Delapidated furniture.

Feng Shui Go-Go’s

* Healthy thriving plants (or faux silk ones that look real) and cut flowers.

* Any uplifting art that relates to your business or makes people happy to look at it.

* Images of successful people you personally relate to.

* Your beautifully framed degrees of higher education.
* Well maintained furniture and equipment.

* Awards and outward symbols of achievement (dollar bill from first sale, etc).

* Motivational and inspirational calendars and posters.

Have you got anything negatively charged in your space? Do tell!



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Pic from CNN

Taking the high road is GREAT FENG SHUI. Conan O’Brian did just that with his exit speech from NBC. And the universe rewarded his class act with a $33M golden parachute. Read the full text or watch the video of his final performance for The Tonight Show and you’ll get a wonderful sense of this man’s character. If you’re facing a similar situation, figure out a way to turn lemons into lemonade. And don’t be surprised if the universe rewards you, too.


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THINK TANK: You, Unlimited

Photo courtesy of NASA Hubble Telescope.

Think positive. Think creativity, success, wealth. Think big. One of the most important principles of feng shui involves the act of thinking (specifically, thinking about setting our intentions). Setting intentions means to use our mind to think about what we would like to manifest in this lifetime. Whether that be achieving our career goals, falling in love and starting a family, building a business, owning property, leading a creative lifestyle…all of these future dreams must first be thought out, then articulated. That is how we set intentions for good feng shui.

When we intend something, we’ve put our mind behind it. That’s the thinking part. A thought is just a thought if it is never spoken. Kind of like that tree falling in the woods with no witness…does it make a noise when it falls if there is no one there to hear it?
In order for an intention to become reality, it has to be put into motion. In order to manifest the intention, we need to activate it. Activating anything takes energy.
Taking action involves body. The action taken in setting intentions is to speak the intention out loud and then to write it down.

So, where does spirit enter the picture? Spirit is reflected in what our intentions are. By setting our intentions with the highest integrity, we set the intention for the highest good of all concerned, not just the highest good for ourselves. In fact, by considering everyone’s highest good and specifying that no harm come to anyone as a result of setting the best intention, one is acting very selfishly because having such high intentions will guarantee that the very best karma will be attracted to us.

We tend to set limits for ourselves, holding our imaginations in check. When setting intentions for good feng shui, try to keep your intentions broad and open-ended. For example, instead of stating “ I would like to get a new job that pays me $5,000 more per year”, you would be better off saying, “I am open to finding a new career opportunity that rewards me handsomely for my talents”. Because, guess what? The universe could think you’re worth more than a $5,000 raise. Think about that! And let us know your own success stories with thinking positively.

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PING PONG IS HOT…But is it good feng shui?

Table tennis a.k.a. ping-pong is to this decade what yoga was to the last. Feng Shui By Fishgirl predicts the popularity of ping-pong will soar now that celebrities such as Susan Sarandon are actively promoting the game by investing in private ping-pong club “Spin”. I’m hooked. And I play every day. Sometimes twice a day. I think it IS good feng shui because exercise is healthy and that’s good for your chi. The flying ping-pong balls definitely stir up the chi, too. And you can watch models are playing ping-pong to benefit the Haiti earthquake survivors. How cool is that?

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Photo from Apartment Therapy

I’m loving this brick wall bedroom that I found on Apartment Therapy. Not only is it eye candy, it’s really got good feng shui going on. How so? Note the arc of brick over the bed head. This acts as a continuation of the headboard feel and really adds a nice touch to anchor the bed in what otherwise might be too-high-to-be-cozy ceilings. It’s a stroke of luck that the brick wall just happened to have this arch in it (probably from a covered in arched window that is no longer there).

The matching equal sidetables with lamps gives feng shui balance (and improves Love & Relationship ch’i). The curve of the bench at foot of the bed echoes the arc over the bed, brings nice yin energy to the yang bricks and bed shape. The 5 elements are well represented here: earth(bricks), metal (bed), wood (tables and bench), water (crystal chandelier)…the only one missing is fire. But I’ll bet there’s a fireplace out of view somewhere in the room and that would solve it. If not, a red candle, pillow cushion, or a vase of fiery red roses would symbolize fire energy and also be a feng shui solution. It could be a problem to have a chandelier over the bed…but since it’s a crystal one, it feels like the energy would be diffused and that would counteract any feeling of having it pressing down on you while resting in bed.

I lived in a very old brick loft building with exposed brick walls for awhile in LA. The problem was the bricks crumbled and left brickdust around the edge of the walls. Even with the bricks painted white, it still didn’t stop the brickdust. For those with allergies, it could be a problem. Some type of sealant needs to be applied to raw bricks. But be careful to have good ventilation when you apply the sealant to avoid flashbacks…Thick As A Brick, anyone? Any ideas or comments are always appreciated.

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Have you ever seen a purple panne couch look more divine than designer Roberto Cavalli’s ? Well, maybe in Belle Watling’s house… I am enchanted by the birch paneling, the eclectic mix of hypermoderne with gilt framed medieval art. It’s luxe to the max and it works. The feng shui colors here indicate Wealth and a perfect mix of elements.

The house is built into a sandstone hillside, BTW. So earth, metal, wood, fire, and water are all represented in the elements used by the architect. See more of JJ Martin’s article at the NY Times(” Super Tuscan “).


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My favorite M & M’s candy is offering personalized printing on their candy! OMG I am in chocolate heaven…I can get photos of my sweetie, my doggies, and any saying I want printed in any colors I choose. Now THAT’S sweet. And, it’s fantastic feng shui because you’re clearly stating your Love Intentions for Valentine’s Day 2010. BTW, you can do it for weddings, Mother’s Day, baby showers, birthdays…

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