Feng Shui By Fishgirl wants to know which side of the real vs. fake debate you stand on when it comes to your Christmas tree. Please post a comment. If you’re a traditionalist, nothing less than a Douglas fir or a Scotch pine tree will do. Many of us are turning to artificial evergreen trees or even metallic trees from companies such as as a way to fit into our sustainable green lifestyles. Here are the pros and cons from a feng shui viewpoint.

*Positive chi energy from the actual wood/earth of the tree.
*Aromatherapy of the natural pine scent is uplifting.
*Green color represents wealth and wisdom.
*Add lights to it, metal tinsel, balances the elements for good chi.
*BEST: use a living tree that you can plant after Christmas instead of killing a tree.

*Positive because it does not kill any living tree.
*Doesn’t have to be green, you can choose silver or gold to boost the metal element (silver is great in the Health sector, gold is great in the Wealth sector).
* Cool retro look.
*You can choose a color to activate each feng shui area (ie: this pink one would work well in the Love & Relationship area!)
*Easy cleanup.
*Saves money as you only buy it once.
BEST: You can have one in every room without feeling guilty.

The Christmas tree activates whichever area of the home/room that you place it in. Be sure to check out the bagua to see what section of feng shui is best for you. For example, if you want the tree to bring in prosperity for the new year, try to place it in your Wealth area. The Fame area might be a good option, too as the triangular shape of the tree is a natural for activating Fame (which might be good for your career/wealth). The Tai Chi center location is a wonderful place for the Christmas tree as well.


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9 responses to “CHRISTMAS TREE FENG SHUI: Real vs. Fake

  1. Ya i Agree with you, fake tree is more cool idea for storing it.. and not to search it every year outside..
    BUT is it ok if bring two colored tree… like Silver and gold, or some other… will it make difference…???
    please do reply…

  2. joniprittie

    I love your blog! Personally, I am on the real tree side of Christmas decorating. Last year I joined the “other side” as it hurts my heart to feel trees being cut. After springing out for a very good “fakie” and decorating it beautifully, I could not “feel” it. Friends loved the look and I could not wait to get a heap of plastic out of the living room. This year, a small beautiful pine from a local tree farm is quietly decorated and filling my room with softness. The Christmas lot helper also heaped my arms with toss away branches and clippings that transitioned from throw aways to precious branches for decorating.
    I can see that I have an amazing amount of reading to do now that I found you.
    Softness and light to you and yours!

  3. Two tone artificial trees –silver & gold especially–would be fine in the Wealth area and since the very nature of holiday decorations are temporary so it doesn’t make a big difference.

  4. Jainée Patrice

    I had a real one for years..loved the smell, hated the mess. After my daughter was on her own, I finally bought a fabulous fake one at the design center with a real wood bark..most everyone is fooled. I get a wreath or some garland for the scent.

  5. margotmarrakesh

    I enjoy the smell of a real tree, but feel better about not killing a tree just for a decoration. Someone should come up with a “pine tree smell” that can be sprayed on an artificial tree!

  6. This was originally posted in Dec 2009. I thought it was time to bring it out again to the blog (kinda like unpacking the Christmas decorations). Enjoy!

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