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SETTING INTENTIONS- 5 Tips on how to start your day like a rockstar

I just discovered this wonderful post on the Malavika Blog. She gives 5 terrific tips on setting intentions for your day. I couldn’t have done a better job–go see:

How to start your day like a rockstar.

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Photo by Michael Koren

This is a fascinating read by author Robert Moss on Beliefnet.com : John Lennon had more than one precognitive dream about his own murderer. Had he been a dream practitioner familiar with shamanic dream techniques as taught by Robert Moss, he might have been better equipped to change the outcome. I have had the good fortune to study with Robert Moss on more than one occasion. I frequently dream of future clients that I later meet and often get a preview of spaces I clear and apply feng shui to solve problems on way in advance of the actual job. If you’d like to explore your own dreams further, check out Robert Moss’s website.

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This painting “ATLANTA(Blue Sky Dream” isn’t finished yet and the photo doesn’t do it justice but I wanted to share my work-in-progress since we’re celebrating MLK Day today. Happy Birthday, Martin. We shall never forget you.


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Are you a dreamer? Maybe you wake up knowing that your dreams have some deeper meaning but you’re not quite sure what to do with them. Keeping a dream journal is a good place to start. After that, joining a dream circle will expand your dreaming to a much richer experience.

When I lived in Los Angeles I belonged to a very special dream circle that took place at the home of Dr. Connie Kaplan, author (Dreams Are Letters From the Soul and The Invisible Garmentand The Woman’s Book of Dreams: Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice).
Connie is a wonderful teacher, enthusiastic knitter, a dreamer and a human being that radiates warmth. I feel blessed to count her as a friend and a mentor.

When I relocated to the east coast, the saddest thing about leaving LA was that I would no longer be able to participate in the bi-weekly circle meetings with the women I’d met there. Women of all ages and backgrounds, the dream circle was truly a meeting of like-minded souls with wonderful spirits. Since I couldn’t be there anymore, I joined Connie’s online dream circle. Skeptical at first that the online experience would not be as meaningful to me as the up close and personal circle, I am now a true believer. Connie’s online dream circle can be joined at the Turtle Dreamers website. But that is not all you’ll find there. Here’s a glimpse of some of the exciting stuff you’ll discover at Connie’s site:

*Free podcasts covering the principles of The Invisible Garment are available for download. The Invisible Garment is a new system based on astrology that helps the dreamer discover personal traits that can unlock her personal destiny/spiritual path. Dr. Kaplan discusses the system one-principle-at-a-time.

*Connie’s new six book series “A Colorful Life” is available directly from the author as an easy download with the first book offered as a freebie.

*A really cool personal Lunar Dream Calendar is available that will knock your socks off. Record your dreams directly to your calendar and search for key dreams such as “Full Moon” dreams once you have enough dreams stored in your database. A subscription service, this program replaces a paper dream journal and provides optimum security and convenience for the dreamer.

I spoke with Connie recently about the role of dreamers in 2010 as we embark on a new decade well into the 21st century. Here’s what she had to say:

“I teach people to see dreaming as the work of the visionary. When we go to sleep we leave the constraints of time/space and waking-reality perspective and plug into Source. (It’s sort of like recharging your iPod at night.) We awaken having visited the realm of all possibility, returning to ordinary reality with memories of the future – memories of the not-yet dimensions – memories of what resides in the “becoming” realms.

That is the role of the dreamer – to dream the possibilities into being. Of course, in order to dream a healthy world, we have be BE health. In order to dream a peaceful world we have to BE peace. In order to dream a functional world, we have to BE function.

In other words, dreamers have to manifest their own dreams in their waking lives in order to deliver the gifts of the dream to the world. We are visionaries, and we are participants in the ever-evolving creation of our experience.

Dreamers are the artists and the architects of waking reality. When we stop seeing our dreams as personal and psychological experiences, and when we learn to understand the darker images of our dreams as something magnificent and powerful emerging from the Void, we are able to joyfully build a personal life, a family life, a culture around us that reflects the sacredness of all life.”

Interested? Check out Turtle Dreamers and let me know what you think.


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Neytiri, a member of the Na'vi tribe in AVATAR.

Hindu god Lord Vishnu could be a member of the Na'vi...

Listen up Skypeople (that’s us). If you have seen James Cameron’s epic “Avatar 3D” go see it again with feng shui eyes. These quotes from the film resonate deeply with Feng Shui By Fishgirl.

“All energy is only borrowed and soon you will have to give it back.”

“Our Great Mother does not take sides, Jake. She protects only the balance of life.”

” Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and in here is the dream.”

Feng shui principles tell us that every being and every inanimate object and space has an energy. We are surrounded by Qi (energy). How we arrange our interior space (our minds) and our exterior space (our environment) will either help or hinder the energy flow. When we die, the energy transforms but doesn’t die. This is why residual energy from the past and from people who have passed on impacts the feng shui of the living. Feng shui is about keeping it all in balance and in harmony with Mother Nature.

The indigenous tribe in the movie are known as the Na’vi. They instinctively know that all of them, all of us, all of nature is connected. There’s a scene in the film that depicts all the people circling the lead character Jake Sully with everyone having a hand out touching another’s shoulder. The people spiral outward in one circle after another to infinity. This is how we are all connected in our lives here and now in so-called reality. We don’t always appreciate it or act like it, but imagine our world if we were fully conscious of this connection at all times and lived our lives this way. That is true enlightenment.

Did you recognize that the film’s tribe says “I see you” much the same way as the Hindu greeting “Namaste” that translates to “I see the divine in you.” In fact, in Hindu an avatar is a god that has become flesh. Lord Vishnu is often depicted as having blue skin, the color of the sky. It’s interesting that the humans who are creating all the havoc and harm in the movie are called “Skypeople” but it is the Na’vi who are actually represented as the sky-toned people.

The idea for this tribe’s look in the film came from a dream the director’s mother had more than 50 years ago. I often use dreaming in my practice, bringing back information from the imaginal realm to help me find solutions to problems here. Ancient philosophers have always pondered whether the waking life is real or the dream life is real. Maybe they both are.

Namaste. I see you. And happy new year!


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2006 - 039

I was pretty excited to see the “That’s Not Wallpaper” post on Apartment Therapy that shows exactly the type of view that inspired my “Birches” painting series. I have always had a love of birches in the snow and it takes me back to my childhood in NH.

The technique I use requires a Zen approach that I think translates to the peaceful mood of the paintings themselves. I just love birches in the snow!

The diptych above is 12″ x 24″ each panel…because each panel has to be painted all at once in one sitting and you have to work quickly before the paint dries, I have to focus and I also have to limit the size of the panels. I did complete a 24″ x 48″ (each panel) painting commissioned by dream work author Connie Kaplan. I’ve been told these paintings can be a gateway into the dream weave if one gazes at them right before bedtime.By the way, the painting panels are just the white part…ignore the black background that was necessary to photograph the art work.

These panels work well in a modern interior hung low behind a couch or a bed. I’ve also created some very small versions that are 5″ x 7″ that work in diptychs or triptychs hung in small spaces.

Here’s another one from the series:
"The Path" Birches Series (c) Katy Allgeyer

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