OPPORTUNITY! Historic property in Vermont is a DIY fixer upper that would be remarkable if restored to its original beauty. It’s in foreclosure, was a former inn, This is the Elias Lyman House, built in 1779, and is listed on the State Historic Sites and Structures Survey as part of the Weathersfield Bow Historic District. Check out the “Preservation in Pink” blog for lots of fun preservation conversation.

Preservation in Pink

This house is located in Weathersfield and is a curious case. I don’t know the story of this house but surrounding properties are in good condition and inhabited. This house appears to have been lived in within the past few years. When I see a house like this, I generally assume that the owners could not longer afford the upkeep and just left or an older person passed away and the family does not know what to do with the property.

Would anyone like to guess a date of construction? How about the architectural style?  Update: My quick guesses were a bit off. See Ann’s comment below for the history and construction date. And note that the house is in foreclosure (therefore, in need of an owner!).

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