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Passover came and went and I was invited to a seder at a gourmet foodie’s house. Soooo glad that happened because I was introduced to a fantastic concoction I would never have known about. Now I share it with you: matzah crackers with carmelized sugar and chocolate chips. I know, right? Delish! Here’s how I made my version of them as soon as I got home from the seder:

Spread out your matzah crackers (they are large squares) on a baking sheet. Then spread soft butter on the crackers being careful not to break the crackers. I use imported Irish butter which costs a lot more at the store but man does it have a distinctively rich creamy taste so it’s worth it. Put the baking sheet under your broiler not too close so maybe the second rack down from the flame. Then you must watch carefully–you just want the butter to get to the melting point, bring the pan out and then sprinkle brown sugar all over the butter. You can spread that out with a knife. Put the pan back under broiler again, this time watching carefully (it only takes a minute or two each time) til you see the sugar melting into brown caramel sauce. Remove pans and sprinkle mini-chocolate chips over the crackers. Use mini chips as the bigger ones do not stick well to the crackers. I then removed the cracker sheets from the baking sheets and put them on paper towels so that any melted butter would be soaked up. Let these sit awhile — a few hours even– to dry and harden. Then you can easily break them into lengths (see photo). There’s probably a more kosher way to do this but the hostess didn’t give me an actual recipe so I winged it. I served them in a pretty glass vase standing upright and they are ready to eat. Warning: they are addictive! We had them last night with vanilla ice cream, crumble the matzah magic on top of the ice cream –wow!  If you’d like to try another shiksa’s matzah recipe go to Martha Stewart’s blog.


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