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Take one tired employee (you), add one cluttered atmosphere (your work space), mix in working too many hours and no time for relaxation. What do you have? A recipe for burn out, low productivity, and no fun at work.

Here are some feng shui steps to bring you back your focus and drive.

1) TAKE INVENTORY  The nine areas of your life according to feng shui principles are: Career, Wisdom & Knowledge, Family & Health, Wealth, Fame & Reputation, Love & Relationship, Creativity & Future Projects (this covers children, too), Travel & Helpful People, and, Tai Ch’I (which is your core being). Ask yourself what areas of your life are working for you and where do you feel blocked? Make a list. You’ll be able to see clearly where you need to give yourself some extra attention.

2) BABY STEPS  Decide to address one of those blocked areas at a time. Most likely you won’t be blocked in every single area of your life…focus on the positive things going on first. Express gratitude for all the blessings you do have. Where there are problems, ask yourself what steps need to be taken to remove the obstacles to your success. If your health is suffering and that is on your list, you can implement the following solutions:get a physical, take vitamins, begin exercising and, if you’ve got time built up, take a much needed vacation so you can begin work again with a fresh attitude.

3) ME TIME Look at your busy calendar and set aside a little “me time”.  IE, if you feel blocked creatively, take a break and put some ideas into your “creativity bank”. That may mean scheduling visits to museums, window shopping for fun, going to the movies, or even to an amusement park. Perhaps you’ve lost touch with mentors and colleagues? Taking time to make a few phone calls to reconnect you to those Helpful People might give you a mental boost as well as put you on to some hot leads. All of which can stimulate your Career ch’I (energy) and get your groove back on.


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This poster gives off mixed messages even though everyone is smiling.

This poster gives off mixed messages even though everyone is smiling. “Stormy Weather” could refer to Wall Street today.

Want to shake up your chi (energy)? Why don’t you assess your work space and take inventory of any positive or negative symbols that might be dominating your environment while having an impact on your success. What we surround ourselves with directly influences our mood, our emotions, and our drive (or lack of ambition). That’s why those motivational posters with sayings such as “Believe & Succeed” are so popular in corporate culture. In fact, they are known as “Culture Builders” and “Attitude Enhancers” in the corporate art trade. One giant company that makes these products calls itself and its product “Successories“.

Motivational artwork can be classy or cliché. The point is, the posters offer positive reinforcement of our best intentions at the workplace.  You wouldn’t hang up a poster that said, “Give Up Now. You’re a Big Loser”. But you might have objects in your office that give off a similar negative vibe. For instance, I recently worked with a client who had a welcome mat at the front door to his executive office. It was a square jute rug with the words “Get Lost!” in bright, fun colors splashed across a black ground. While meant in jest, in feng shui terms he was saying something very negative to his employees, clients, and vendors. The intention was to lighten up, obviously, but the subliminal message on this entry rug was quite blatant and tells Opportunity to go away because it’s not welcome here. I laughed when he told me he bought the rug on deep discount (most people were repelled at point-of-sale by the message and literally “got lost”).

Another client had books on the shelf with titles like “Pain” or “The Tragic Story of…”. Still another had a Hollywood vintage poster that screamed out in giant text, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.  I’m sorry to tell you that for most of us, there is no neutral area in the feng shui bagua to place these emotionally-charged messages. Scout your own space and see if you can find similar book titles or negative imagery that mighty be sapping your career mojo. Go for uplifting messages and fine art that inspires.


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WHILE YOU WERE OUT (Did the Temp mess up your feng shui?)

Do you care who is sitting at your desk while you're on the beach?

Do you care who is sitting at your desk while you're on the beach?

It’s sum-sum-summertime! Many of us will be taking our vacations soon. You might be traveling to an exotic island, to Europe, or simply relaxing in your back yard with a pina colada and a good novel in “staycation style”. Whatever you have planned, taking time off from the daily grind is good for your ch’i (energy) and that means it is good for your feng shui.

What’s happening to your space while you are on leave? If you’re lucky enough to have an office, most likely you shut the door to it until you return. Some feng shui tips before you leave town: empty the trash can,clear off the desk top, remove all clutter and sticky notes from your computer, lock away any personal items that you wouldn’t want people snooping into (or better yet, bring them home).

While you’re away the closed office ch’i may become stagnant the longer it is unused. Here’s what to do to revitalize the “dead zone” when you return from vacation. You’ll need a stick of incense. Light the incense and waft it about the space in a circular motion. While doing that, reclaim the space and rededicate yourself to being the best at whatever job it is that you do. There’s no need to use the entire stick of incense.If you work in a conservative office you may want to light a small aromatic candle instead while doing the reclaiming visualization. Snuff the candle after a few minutes whenyou feel you are ready to begin working again.

If you occupy a cubicle or open area you’ll still want to activate your feng shui when you come back from your trip. You might have other conditions to worry about: perhaps your desk was used by a co-worker or temp worker while you were out of town? This is all the more reason you need to clear out their energy and reclaim your space.

The final touch after you’ve smoked out the stale ch’i is to place some cut flowers in a vase on your desk. It can be a big bouquet or a tiny bud vase. Welcome back!

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A glimpse of Martha Stewart's office courtesy Lisa Kerezi New York Magazine.

Today, flirting in the office is flirting with danger of a sexual harassment lawsuit. So when your politically correct feng shui consultant titles her post “Office Romance” you can rest assured that the topic will be business and bagua locations, not bimbos and boytoys. (BTW, New York Magazine gives a wonderful glimpse of offices of the rich and powerful if you click here).

The area of the bagua (feng shui location map) known as the “Love & Relationship” sector can be found in the upper right hand portion of your room as you face its interior. I’ll bet for most of you, “Love & Relationship” conjures up only one image: Mr or Ms Right. What does “Love & Relationship” have to do with business? Hmmmmm….not much if you are working totally in a vacuum without any human contact and selling a product to nobody but yourself. But if your workday involves interaction with colleagues, supervisors, vendors, customers, and suppliers, chances are that you are participating in several “Relationships” throughout your day.

For daily operations to go smoothly, you need to have good relationships with your teammates. How can feng shui promote good relationships? Locate your “Love & Relationship” area. What’s there? If you have a lonely little chair, and on-its-way-to-dead plant or any imagery connotating sad unhappy solo people then you best pay attention. Note to Gordon Gecko types: it’s best to keep your copy of the classic business strategy book The Art of War by Sun-Tzu in another location (ie: a drawer on the right hand side of your desk is appropriate).

What DOES belong in your office’s “Love & Relationship” area:

*Colors in the family of Red, Pink/Peach, or White. (Application: if your “Love & Relationship” area has a window, perhaps this is the color of drapes you would use)

*Art symbolic of happy couples/pairings such as a tasteful photo of you and your spouse. (If you have pics of animals, then you would want a pair NOT Bambi alone!)

*Groupings of two chairs, not one.

*Fresh lovely flowers in colors mentioned or a healthy plant.

Make the changes and fall in love with your office or job all over again!
This article originally written for Working World

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JINGLE BELLS (Feng Shui Sound Cures)

It’s the holiday season and many of us will be spending a lot of time shopping. Most retail shops have sound alert systems in place to let the shopkeeper know of any customers entering the store. This way they can guard the cash register and merchandise, and be of service to the client so that a sales opportunity won’t be missed. All of that seems like just good common sense, right? It may surprise you to know that having jingling bells or some other form of noise at the entry to your space is also good feng shui.
Picture 73

Awareness of who is entering our immediate work/living zone improves our feng shui., Whether you work in a cubicle with your back to the door or are a mechanic under a car, being surprised by your boss sneaking up on you could ruin your mo-jo! We feel uneasy and subconsciously very vulnerable if we do not have control of our space. The optimum feng shui solution is to have a clear view of the entryway from our “Command Position”. However, that isn’t always possible and often the only way the furniture works is to be placed with our backs to the door. If this is the case, the next best thing is to place a mirror so that we can see who is behind us.

The other next best thing is to have some sound device attached to the door so that we hear it when it opens. For instance, you might want to hang some bells from the door. Or you might put a windchime in the doorway that encourages people to touch it and make it sing when they enter your space. Where there is no door, a bead curtain might be appropriate; the beads make a pleasant jingling sound and also soften the chi energy.

People love the tinkling sound of bells. Apparently, so does good chi. And as we all know from watching the classic Christmas movie “Its a Wonderful Life”, every time a bell rings and angel gets his wings. Here’s wishing you and your family a chi-ful holiday season!

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Flowers add Feng Shui By Fishgirl energy to any setting. Feeling down? Plop a colorful bouquet on your desk and watch your mood rise! Want to add a festive touch to your dinner party? Flowers in the center of the table create instant party panache. Outside, a “deadzone” can instantly be activated by hanging plants or potted flowers. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Wildflowers from your yard in a bud vase work just as well.

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Photo of Hawaiian wind & water courtesy Scott Morgan 2008.

Photo of Hawaiian wind & water courtesy Scott Morgan 2008.

Q: What is the meaning behind the feng shui translation “wind and water”?
A: Wind symbolizes breath, which moves in and out of our bodies and gives us the life force known as ch’i (energy). Water symbolizes that element that is essential to life and is also about movement. Both represent opportunities for health and well being.

Q: Does it matter where I place my trash can in my office?
A: Symbolically, you don’t want to place your trash can in your Wealth power position. However, you can counterbalance the negative effects by using a waste basket that has a lid on it which seals the trash inside.

Q: My back faces the entry door where I work and I can’t change it. What can I do?
A: Put a mirror up. Or keep your door shut so you know when people are entering.

Q: Have you ever worked on any celebrity homes?
A: Yes, I usually sign confidentiality agreements.

Q: What is the most important feng shui rule to follow at work?
A: Clutter of any kind keeps us from focusing and is the easiest thing to solve. Keep your workspace well organized, clean, and clutter free and you will be happier and more productive at work.

Q: I’ve heard that red is an important color in feng shui. Is that true and why?
A: Red represents the element of fire which stimulates ch’i. You can harness the activating power of red in many ways. For example, wearing a red necktie or red underwear can give you the feeling of being at the height of your full power (hence the term, “power tie” or “power suit” in regards to clothing of red color).

Q: Is it okay to get just my office feng shui’ed even if the rest of the building hasn’t been done? A: Yes. Feng shui begins with you and goes outward from there. By making improvements in the small area that you control, you will reap the benefits from good feng shui.

Have questions or comments? Post them here and Feng Shui By Fishgirl will get back to you.

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The clock is ticking. Your deadline looms ever closer. Pressure is mounting. Yet, you can’t seem to concentrate on the task at hand. Juggling multiple projects is your forte, so why the confusion and lack of concentration? Although it may very well be a classic case of spring fever and the advent of summer that’s got your mind wandering from the daily grind, you probably need look no further than your immediate environment for solutions to get you back up to speed at work.

Clutter on your desktop is the likely culprit. Faced with a pile of clutter in our work area, we consciously feel that hopeless sense of “where do I begin?”. Until the clutter is cleared away, we will not be able to work at optimum levels of energy and enthusiasm. In short, the outward confusion directly impacts our inner confusion. To borrow a phrase that Cher said to Nicolas Cage in “Moonstruck”, “ Snap out of it!”.
Here’s how:

1) Survey your surroundings at the end of the day. Put away all loose paperwork and equipment. Keep your files updated and ready to access.

2) Organize the tools of your trade. Have a good supply of all the items you need to work on your project before you begin, so you don’t lose precious time running out to an office supply store when your creative juices are flowing. Put every tool in its place when your work day is done.

3) Set goals and create a “to do” list that you can refer to throughout the day. Check off tasks as they are completed. Add new tasks as they come up. It’s a simple solution to keeping you focused on what needs to get done.

4) Schedule breaks to deal with colleagues (or kids if you work at home) all at once, rather than letting them interrupt your work flow whenever they choose. You’ll be able to focus more sharply on your project when you know you have uninterrupted chunks of time.

5) Respect yourself. Without clutter and confusion, there is clarity. The job gets done and you get to go home on time.

Post here if this article helped you focus!

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    Asian cultures make the simple exchange of a business card into an elaborate ritual that raises the gesture to almost and art form. Holding the business card between both hands, taking a bow from the waist, and presenting the card to a new contact in such an elegant manner is their custom. The way it’s done is almost more important than what is on the business card itself. Almost.

    Your business card is a direct representation of your company and your rank within it. If you are in business for yourself, or, if you also carry a personal card to distribute to new friends you meet socially, you might have more leeway in creating the design of your card.

    Cards can radiate energy, leaving someone a very positive impression of you and your company. On the other hand, they can also be cluttered and difficult to read. Much like your home or working space, business cards can be improved with feng shui analysis. Cards are usually rectangular in shape and it’s easy to locate the feng shui bagua map on them. Your bottom center area is related to Career, the left bottom corner is Wisdom & Knowledge, go up from there and it’s Family & Health, the upper left corner is Wealth. Center top is Fame, top right is Love & Relationship, below that is Creativity & Future Projects, lower right corner is Travel & Helpful People.

    Think of these areas while you analyze your current card (and plan your next one). Is your logo well placed for the nature of your product or service? A bank would benefit from having the corporate logo on the upper left side where the Wealth area is located, for example. The upper right side-Love & Relationship– would enhance a wedding planning service or a marriage counselor. Trying to get people to notice you? Front and center will attract fame and reputation.

    It’s critical not to cram too much info on your biz card. It pays off to give attention to the feng shui of all your marketing materials, especially in this Bear Market.


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“Speech is the mirror of the soul.” ~ Publilius Syrus (1st Century BC)

Mirrors are one of the most common Feng Shui cures.They work well in both home and office spaces. Let’s take a look at your office. Imagine a dark, cramped, dingy space. The size of the space confines and constricts you. It’s difficult to breathe and that makes it difficult to concentrate. There might not even be any windows. At worst it sounds like Alcatraz, at best it is the closet under the staircase where you used to play hide and seek. Does this depressing space motivate you, inspire you, and energize you? Not likely! But this might be the office you are working in now.

 Before you jump out that window you don’t even have,let me share a simple feng shui solution that can help you transform your dark hole into an uplifting work area. The solution is to consider installing some mirrors.Mirrors enhance a space tremendously by adding more reflected light. Whether your light source is natural or not, mirrors bounce it back into the room. A well placed framed mirror can serve as a great substitute for a window.

In addition, mirrors give the illusion of expanding a cramped space so that it appears much larger than it is. A full length mirrored wall, for example, can virtually double the size of any room.When a room feels larger and brighter, you feel less nervous and more energized. That’s far more conducive to doing your best work and getting the job done with less effort.

Another way mirrors are used in feng shui is to correct poor desk placement. The optimum situation is to place your desk in the “Command Position”. The “Command Position”  is located deep inside the room,

with your back against a preferably solid wall and has an unobstructed view of the entire room, especially the entry door to the office. If you are forced to configure your desk so that your back is facing the entry point, this position keeps you subliminally ‘on alert’  because you are vulnerable to people approaching you and surprising you. You can’t work if you’re constantly being startled or expecting to be.  Put a rear view mirror on your desk or computer so that you can see who is entering your space.


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