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A friend submitted this heart vine photo after seeing my blog about a heart vine in Beaufort, SC.  The building in this pic appears to be a dingy warehouse with a boarded up window. The well-placed heart symbol made from a living plant transforms the energy to a vibrancy it would otherwise lack. Well done feng shui cure!

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Call me Pocahontas but this is an idea that Feng Shui By Fishgirl loves! Imagine it tucked in the woods where The Last of the Mohicans is on his way back to you…or maybe it’s in your backyard and your little wild ones are playing in it happily for hours (instead of watching TV they’re in their teepee). Adding this to my To Do List today!


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Seems like every retailer from Home Depot to Trader Joe’s has potted orchids for sale at extremely reasonable prices this time of year. Get yourself some–orchids are wonderful feng shui and really add style and beauty to any space. They also are welcome gifts for any occasion. I’ve been told that you don’t water them—you put a small ice cube near the stem every other day and let the ice melt to water them slowly. Nice tip!

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Photo (c)Katy Allgeyer

Photo (c)Katy Allgeyer

The forest has so many lush shades of vibrant green. Green is a great feng shui color and represents living plants. Where to use green to enhance your feng shui?

Green works to activate the Wealth Area. It also is a natural in the Wisdom & Knowledge Area of any home or office. You can use a lot of it as your wall color or touches of it in fabrics for furniture and window treatment or just as an occasional accent in accessories. It’s your call.

Green plants enhance the Wealth Area and Wisdom Area of any room. Make sure that your plants are thriving in your environment. Dead plants equal dead Qi (energy).

Green is also the color of cold hard cash in America. Do you think the founding fathers were into feng shui?

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photo courtesy of www.remarc.com

photo courtesy of http://www.remarc.com

As an artist, I admire nature’s handiwork and seek inspiration from it. There’s a certain morbid beauty in death and the many forms that it takes. It’s all part of the natural cycle of life. And I’m kind of okay with the vase of dried weeds shown above because it appears to be in an outdoor setting. But as a feng shui consultant, I am always aware of the impact our emotional response to symbolism plays on energy. Dead plants and dead flowers connote dead or dying Qi (lifeforce). If feng shui is your goal, surround yourself with fresh cut flowers and living plants and replace them when they’ve shriveled up. Or, use faux silk flowers and foliage that create the illusion of lush living plants (but remember to dust them off). It’s okay to get whimsical in your approach to decorating with plants, especially in the Creativity & Future Projects area. The “Skyplanter” shown below actually has a living plant in it.
Photo courtesy of http://www.gearfuse.com

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