CLEAN ENOUGH: 4 Tried & True Methods to Housekeeping for Good Feng Shui

I found this instructive and liberating post on The Inspired Room blog. Don’t you just love the long blue/green sink in that kitchen pic? With 3 dogs in the house, it’s difficult to keep up with the cleaning. Housekeeping can be overwhelming and take the joy out of life. You don’t have to have a sterile home to have good feng shui. You can have a “clean enough”home. Four tried and true methods can be found at Melissa’s Inspired Room blog below:

Four Daily Routines: How I keep my house “clean enough”.


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3 responses to “CLEAN ENOUGH: 4 Tried & True Methods to Housekeeping for Good Feng Shui

  1. First of all, that is a fabulous sink. Likely vintage but recently I saw one of those on the Kohler website, just not as long. But oh my, the wonderful colors.
    Re the cleaning: things that are used all the time — sinks, shower etc. always seem clean because they are used and wiped down. It’s the places that aren’t used as often that merit attention, at least for me. First thing we do every Spring is exterior windows, then interior. That’s the start. Then I move it around, room to room. Most helpful is that I keep a running maintenance list of things that need special attention on my desk. One of the really big changes though, is not wearing street shoes in the house. The floors stay waaaay cleaner. Just a few thoughts on a rainy Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by to see my new curtain and happy holidays. Jane

    • Jane–thanks for commenting! For me, having clean floors is the foundation of everything and I have been a big believer of the shoes off at door Asian style for years (it really does help). Happy spring!

  2. Oh, it’s good to know Kohler is making these. We have a vintage blue bathroom with bathtub and sink close to the color shown here. The john was replaced with white however and someday I’d like to toss some money into finding a blue replacement!

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