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Wow! China is committing to architecture (and to building their country’s infrastructure) in a big way. One example? This amazing conceptual tea house that is also a bridge. The bright red color and the points slashing the sky activate the Fame & Reputation feng shui sector…click link to see inside, other angles, and view of blueprint design:

Project – Bridging Tea House – Architizer – Empowering Architecture: architects, buildings, interior design, materials, jobs, competitions, design schools.

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This is what I call "roughing it"!

Have you heard of glamping? It’s a term describing glamourous camping. Although some say it began with luxury safaris in Africa in the early 1900’s,  the idea of  traveling stylishly in tents with super luxury interiors goes back centuries.

I wouldn't say no to this!

Certainly any bedouin prince worth his camel traveled in style with carpeted tents much like the one above. Cleopatra had a glamping barge. Even Henry VIII had an over-the-top tent/palace designed for his meeting in the Field of the Cloth of Gold pictured below and shown in the last season of The Tudors.

Designs for a tented Tudor palace: Field of the Cloth of Gold

These days, one can find glamping experiences up in tree houses, in vintage Airstreams, on beaches, in jungles, and at high end resorts globally.

You could have this yurt in your backyard for an instant guest house.

For a comprehensive list of glamping grounds worldwide, jump to glampinggirl where you can see more pics and even get prices from some of the resorts listed. She’s got it organized by country and lets you know how many listings in each country (ie: 24 in the USA). The feng shui of these luxurious tents is magnificent–as long as you keep the bugs and the bears out!

As luxe as it is, it all breaks down to move when necessary.

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