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While attending High Point Furniture Market this week I met an interior design professional who told me a story. She said she had been “slapped down on twitter” by several tweeters at a tweet-up when she mentioned she had a voodoo doll. A few people chastised her for bad feng shui. I asked her more about the particular doll she owns. A friend had made a funny little felt doll and embroidered “CLIENT” on it. She wanted to cheer her friend up and meant it as a cute joke gift. In fact, the interior designer told me every time she looked at the doll it gave her a good chuckle and served to pick up her spirits. Rather than getting angry at actual clients and directing any negative energy toward the world at large, this designer could look at her “client voodoo doll” and laugh and take a break from whatever client issues were happening to annoy her, then begin to solve the problems with a fresh perspective. It’s only a job project after all. Because the intentions are lighthearted and happy and the qi energy created is positive, this “voodoo doll” does not have the same connotations as those seriously used to direct harm to others. It’s really about the intentions and the end use.

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