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CLEAN ENOUGH: 4 Tried & True Methods to Housekeeping for Good Feng Shui

I found this instructive and liberating post on The Inspired Room blog. Don’t you just love the long blue/green sink in that kitchen pic? With 3 dogs in the house, it’s difficult to keep up with the cleaning. Housekeeping can be overwhelming and take the joy out of life. You don’t have to have a sterile home to have good feng shui. You can have a “clean enough”home. Four tried and true methods can be found at Melissa’s Inspired Room blog below:

Four Daily Routines: How I keep my house “clean enough”.


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Dyson Animale DC-28

With two medium sized dogs in the house and out of the house all day long (not to mention their playdates!) it’s hard to manage to keep your floors clean and free of pet hair. That’s essential if you want to practice feng shui. My old vacuum cleaner couldn’t keep up. In fact, I think our house killed the poor thing. So when it came time to replace the vac this year I did a ton of online research. Dyson came highly recommended but also highly priced . The Dyson company has a full range of vacs but for pet owners, this one is state-o-the-art. The suction power practically drags you across the room. It has all kinds of filtering technology that takes care of pet hair, pollen, allergens, even mold and returns the vented air fresher than when it went into the vac. And, it’s purple. Purple! I haven’t even begun to play with all the attachments yet but if they’re as easy to use as my Dyson DC-28 Animale was right out of the box, my spring cleaning is going to be a snap! The very first time I used it my carpeting and rugs looked plumped up as if I had gotten them shampooed. Did I mention it’s purple?

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