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CLEARING RESIDUAL ENERGY: How to stop dreaming dead men’s dreams I – Dream Gates



Here is a story from Robert Moss’s dream circle that illustrates how objects (in this case, dog tags and medals from dead Vietnam soldiers) can retain energy—positive or negative—    How to stop dreaming dead men’s dreams I – Dream Gates. Residual energy that doesn’t belong to you or your household can cause nightmares (as they did for Cara in the story) and other feng shui problems within your home. If you’re at all sensitive to energy it can often be confusing to know what feelings belong to you and what you’re picking up from the ethers.

Along with your spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to clear your space of this lingering ch’i energy at least once a week. And if you bring a new object into your home–preowned or antique–smudge it thoroughly to reset the ch’i.

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Spokes of a mandala roof.

Circular shapes are yin based energy (feminine) and are reminiscent of the mandala wheel of life. Good feng shui? You bet! I discovered Mandala Custom Homes on facebook and borrowed these pictures to show you the amazing architectural energy created by this design.

A wraparound porch on a Mandala custom home. Note the curves of the chaise as well.

You don’t have to throw away your box or rectangle shaped home to capture the yin energy of curves. Introduce curves through your furniture. Choose a round dining table instead of a square.

The circle window to the sky recalls the oculus in some ancient temples.

Lamps, windows, and mirrors are also convenient ways to bring in round shapes. The idea is to achieve a balance between yin and yang (square masculine shapes) so that both energies are represented.

You can also harness mandala energy by hanging an actual mandala as art in your home.

Eastern star mandala.

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