The beach at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The beach at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Taking time off to replenish your Qi is good for the soul and important to a balanced life. I just returned from a week in the Dominican Republic at the NH Real Arena Resort in Punta Cana. Everything was included in the price (airfare, hotel, food & beverages…even tips!) so you could really kick back and relax. No worries. If a getaway is not in the budget right now, make time to take time off even if it’s to lounge in your own backyard. All you need is a good chair, a good book, and a blender drink.


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9 responses to “DO RELAX, DO RENEW, DOminican REPUBLIC

  1. I am dying of jealousy. Did you take pictures?

    • Hell, yes, I took 90 photos and some videos and yesterday spent a couple hours building a special website and everyone told me they couldn’t get onto the site to see it. So now I am probably going to just load them onto some photo share site when I have a spare moment. I’ll send you some photos via email to whet your appetite.

  2. Did you know Joe did a show with Laura Berman?

  3. margotmarrakesh

    I never get out to enjoy my own beautiful backyard (I’m always on the computer, whenever I’m not working). Thank you for reminding me how! Now I just have to work on getting the comfortable chair (great idea); I have plenty of great books, and live in an area of great fresh fruits to make myself great blender drinks!

    Maybe I’ll have to get two comfortable chairs so I can invite a friend over to enjoy our backyard vacation together!

    Margot, the Wood Sheep

  4. Enough time has passed that I can add an additional critique of the NH Real Arena Hotel in Punta Cana. Be sure to ask for a room AWAY FROM THE CONSTRUCTION SIDE (they are adding new buildings and they work from 6 AM to 8PM!!!). Also, be wary of the slippery marble floor walkways between buildings…I nearly slipped and fell but caught myself midway and in so doing, wrenched my back out for 2 days of hellish pain. That was after I’d already gotten sun poisoning (the sun at the equator is super intense—protect yourself! And did you know ibuprofen makes your skin more susceptible to burn? I know now!!!). The hotel is beautiful, some of the wait staff exceptional. But the food is just okay —though certainly plentiful and you’ll find something for everyone in the huge buffet—and I couldn’t tell any difference from one restaurant to the next (I think they all use the same kitchen and sauces, etc, so the different restaurants are for different ambiance only). You cannot do better for a more beautiful beach and pool. This is what I came for and I left happy despite the downside mentioned above.

  5. UPDATE: I’ve been assured that the DR did not get hit by the devastating earthquake at all. You can probably get some incredible deals going there now but I think I’d feel guilty lying on this resort beach while people are suffering on the other end of the island.

  6. Anton Trbovich

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