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The beach at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The beach at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Taking time off to replenish your Qi is good for the soul and important to a balanced life. I just returned from a week in the Dominican Republic at the NH Real Arena Resort in Punta Cana. Everything was included in the price (airfare, hotel, food & beverages…even tips!) so you could really kick back and relax. No worries. If a getaway is not in the budget right now, make time to take time off even if it’s to lounge in your own backyard. All you need is a good chair, a good book, and a blender drink.


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SIMPLE SOLUTIONS: Master Bedroom Makeover Winner

Baqua Map Overlay of Marni's Home

“Marni” was the winner of the Feng Shui Bedroom Makeover that was my giveaway prize at the Ultimate Blog Party. Posted here is my partial analysis of Marni’s bedroom’s feng shui. The idea was to offer simple solutions that won’t cost a lot or take much time to achieve but would add a great deal of feng shui impact to enhance the Qi (energy) and strengthen the love area. For example, what could Marni do that doesn’t require repainting the entire room? Removing clutter and organizing her space was the first step I encouraged Marni to make.

Marni’s still working on implementing my suggestions and will get back to me with more photos at some point. The above bagua map overlay shows that Marni’s bedroom was already fortuitously located in the Love & Marriage area of her home. The Love & Marriage sector is naturally enhanced by the colors white, red, pink, and peachy tones. Marni’s room is already a deep lime green color. However, she can inexpensively bring in accent tones of pink/red that are already found in the fabric of her bedding and curtain valance.
Art placed too high.

The artwork in Marni’s bedroom was placed much too high. I also discovered that Marni did not LOVE the art. It’s always a good feng shui idea to remove things that you absolutely do not LOVE (especially from important areas like your Love & Marriage area/ master bedroom). Until she can afford to replace it, I suggest she lower the paintings. Replacements that would enhance the romance in feng shui terms would include pictures of happy couples, mated animals, roses or peonies, or hearts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marni ends up liking her tropical paintings more if she rehangs them and then adds the other touches I offered.

I would also like to see Marni replace the bedside lamps with two matching lamps that have substantial round bases. The candlestick lamps are too spindly, too matchy-matchy to the wooden bed, and add too much yang to an already very masculine feeling room. Globe shaped ceramic lamps will bring in feminine energy and can also bring in the love enhancing color accents to offset the lime green walls.
Draped curtains are needed.
The sliding doors were covered with a skimpy valance that did not make a lot of sense. Since the doors are also aligned with another pair of French doors (unseen in the photo), it’s creating a “Poison Arrow”. My solution is to add some soft, puddled curtains swagged to each side and then released at night. I suggest a gauzey white fabric or something that brings in the romantic accent colors discussed above.
A large potted palm with rounded leaves would also be nice to the left of the slider, capturing the palm tree theme in the art and the bedding as well as disarming the Poison Arrow effect.

BTW, a Poison Arrow is when you have two or more doors or windows in direct alignment. The energy is said to whoosh straight through instead of meandering gently around a space.
Cover the entry to bathroom.
The bathroom entry is viewed from the bed. Not too sexy. I want Marni to swag a curtain (same fabric as she’ll use on the sliding doors) and drop it down at night so the bathroom is hidden. Again, this will add yin energy to the harsh architectural cut of the doorway as well as add visual appeal.

Marni received my full analysis which included some other tips.
Do you think these simple suggestions will be enough to give the room a much more romantic energy?


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