KITCHEN OF THE YEAR: Feng Shui Thumb’s Up

House Beautiful‘s “Kitchen of the Year” (see full portfolio of pics at the Decorica blog) has pretty good feng shui, too. The designer Jeff Lewis incorporated a good mix in his Feng shui balance of elements:

Wood: there are wood floors, wood cabinets
Metal: stainless steel appliances, metal chandelier and chair accesssories, white color used throughout (white= metal)
Fire: the range and oven, the triangular shapes in the table base
Earth: Leather stool coverings, potted plants, ceramic dishes
Water: sink and a few glass accessories although it looks like they have a huge skylight so the glass window = water

I like the built in wine rack/ room divider because it adds that diamond shape. The accessories have both square and round shapes and that is good yin-yang balance. The beams overhead might have created oppressive chi but that was solved by painting them white (metal cuts wood).  I would have liked to see more Earth and that could easily be added by having ceramic tile backsplash under cabinets, or, simply paint that wall a nice golden tone.

For more on this kitchen, click the link below:

Decorica: Manly Monday: Flipping Outrageous Kitchen….

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