James Bond might have this secret wine cellar in his kitchen. The bottles are held along a spiral staircase. I personally can appreciate the ingenius design and creativity of the concept, however the spiral reminds me of a giant corkscrew ripping through the heart of the kitchen. That’s traditionally NOT good feng shui (even for 007). I also think it’s a bit risky having your wine cellar on such precarious footing…by the time you go to get the second bottle you might not have the surefootedness you need to get the job done. What’s your opinion? See more at this blog.

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  1. Brandstrom Interiors

    Very interesting idea… but I don’t like it in the middle of the kitchen walk, or the glass door. Maybe if it was trimmed in aluminum with an insert to appear like a mat? But I agree, it does seem tricky to navigate…especially after the first bottle.

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