Photo Cheryl Gerber for New York Times

So far 15 of the Make It Right NOLA houses –1/10th of the planned number–are completed in New Orleans. According to the NYT these houses are becoming known as “The Brad Pitt Houses” and are a new tourist attraction there. I think they’re chi-ful but some are concerned that the architects invited to work on the project have not thought to incorporate references to familiar New Orleans themes. What do you think?


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  1. Michele

    Interesting post, but I am not sure I like them. That salmon one looks like a FEMA trailer gussied up. I wonder if this is a case of architects using this as an opportunity to experiment with design with an otherwise silent partner. I really hope that is not the case and that the potential homeowner has input. Looking at it again I really don’t like the design, and would prefer something more in character of the region (maybe kicked up a notch or two). Haven’t these poor people been through enough? Of course by this time they will be grateful for a roof over their heads to call their own…..but it looks like a souless housing effort. Sorry.

  2. Michele

    And where are the windows????

  3. the color combination is not of my kind but the house is cool… the shape is awesome… great pic.

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