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FONTHILL: Concrete Castle Worth a Visit

Font Hill

Spent this week traveling south to our winter home. On the way, we made a deliberate stop in Doylestown, PA in Buck’s County to visit the Mercer Museum and Fonthill, the eccentric mansion belonging to Henry Chapman Mercer. Fonthill is pictured above. It’s a castle built from concrete and the interior is nearly covered with tiles from Mercer’s own Moravian Pottery & Tile Works. To do a feng shui analysis of Fonthill would be quite a challenge because none of the rooms are very symmetrical and the place sprawls in several directions at once. Still, there was good chi energy there—no ghosts, I checked!—but the place definitely needed some warm touches. The Mercer Museum building was another unique structure. It’s filled completely to the brim with Henry’s collectibles. Both places are a must see if you’re in the Philadelphia area.

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