Bethlehem, PA used to be the hub of America’s steel industry. By the 1980’s, the industry had moved offshore leaving thousands of people without work and numerous mega-sized industrial buildings empty.
A once thriving city turned into a ghost town….NOT good feng shui for anyone living there. But Bethlehem has come back, bigtime. The Sands casino & hotel has come in from Vegas and has rehabbed some of the old empty buildings, creating jobs for local workers and turning the old mills into a must see destination spot. When the project is completed, there will be retail, condos, lofts, theatres, and entertainment complex. Taking abandoned buildings and converting them into exciting public venues is great for the environment (repurposing instead of tearing down) and is also a way to revitalize the chi energy downtown in cities nationwide.
I find old historic structures to be so beautiful, don’t you? These in Bethlehem are massively huge. BTW, the Sands casino is state-of-the-art with computer animated dealers at the black jack tables and all kinds of cool. I’m not a gambler, but I love checking out new building projects!

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