Dead bodies should NOT be stored under your bed.

Dead bodies should NOT be stored under your bed.

Feng shui is about Qi/chi (energy) being able to flow and circulate freely. Storing anything under your bed blocks this process. But if you’re limited in space, underbed storage may be necessary. What to do? Feng Shui By Fishgirl recommends your optimum feng shui is to keep the underside of your bed clean and clutterfree. But if you must store something there…..

DO store soft items (ie: more bedding, linens, comforters, soft clothing) in organized containers or drawer systems under your bed.

DON’T store electrical items and appliances, negatively charged items (weapons, for example), sharp items, things that don’t belong in bedrooms, items associated with past love relationships (photo albums of exes).

What’s under your bed? Do tell!


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3 responses to “UNDER THE BED

  1. Jennifer

    I have had troubles sleeping. Will wake up around 4am and re-hash all the bad stuff in the past. I’m going through a hard time even 5 years after my divorce and I am in a relationship which I am finding hard to deal with. All because of my over-thinking things. Directly under my head under the bed is a basket of hair straighteners, hair spray, hair curlers. I have always had trouble with my hair! Too frizzy. After reading your article I straight away removed that basket of electrical appliances. Hopefully this will help me sleep better! :/

    • Hi Jenni,
      Thank you for sharing your personal story! I’m sorry things are difficult for you right now. Keeping
      your space—under the bed and all around in general—clutterfree is a good step toward clearing
      your mind (over-thinking) and giving yourself and your home room to breathe. You may want to
      try the Calming Heart Sutra (Meditation) to soothe those racing thoughts as well. Do you sleep under a beam or a short sloped ceiling or a ceiling fan? These could also be contributing factors. Too much stimulation in the room from electronics and mirrors and other things could also be the culprit.
      If and when you’re ready, I can analyze your space and give you more specific information with an off-site consultation. Email me the size of your home and number of rooms and I’ll let you know what my fee would be.
      Meanwhile, keep us posted if you get a better night’s rest without the curlers under your head!


  2. MissHeliotrope

    The cat – soft & spiky – but he loves it there…

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