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A good mix of square yang and round yin shapes.


Creating feng shui balance in your home can be as simple as getting a good mix of round shapes (yin) with square shapes (yang). The apartment here as 3 round tables (3 is also an auspicious feng shui number!), some round objets d’art on the tables, 2 round ottomans, a spiral / round art work on pedestal and the rest are rectangular or square shapes. The room could be improved by adding an area rug and more color (it’s a bit sterile for my taste) but the yin-yang mix is pretty well done. Take inventory of your home and see how many round and square shapes you have—is it balanced? See more of these apartments at

Serrano Apartments | CoolBoom.


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Photo from Dwell.com


While orange is my favorite color, I have mixed feelings about its use here. The bookcase and wall portion is yummy. Can you guess why I don’t like the floor painted orange? Orange / red tones are the color of fire. In feng shui terms we use this color to activate and stimulate, especially the top 3 sectors of the bagua. It’s not such a problem in the living areas or kitchen (as long as the other elements are balanced accordingly) but in the bedroom you want to create tranquillity not overstimulation. Having red walls or accents is okay. Having the foundation beneath you (the floor) in bright firey colors might give you a sleeping disorder. This color scheme could work well however in a retail space where “hot deals” are on display for eager buyers. I do like how this space has incorporated yin and yang aspects (round and square, soft and hard) in the decor. See more at Dwell.com.


Photo from Dwell.com


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