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Picture 61

A classic feng shui problem is where to put your cat’s litterbox. You certainly don’t want an open poop tray in your Wealth area or your Relationship area. Here are some attractive, sealed and concealed litterboxes that can help solve the problem. The first photo is a pink and white designer litterbox (perfect colors if you have to put it in your Love area).

Here’s one disquised as a planter. It could be used in a Wealth area if the entry hole is turned so it’s easy for your cat but hidden from view so that the planter looks believable. Be sure to use litter that doesn’t stink, too.
Picture 62

Here’s a solution to keeping your cat’s litterbox in the bathroom but not taking up all the floorspace. In fact, this one is disquised as a storage cabinet and actually does double duty as a towel rack and surface to place other items.
Picture 63

Google “litterbox disguises” to find more good feng shui solutions for you and your pet!

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