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EEEeeeeeeK! You may have heard my cry today but it was not due to a mouse (we’ve had those, too, since returning to the Maine cottage mind you). No, today it was my printer that scared me. My art business depends on it working properly. Even though I have it plugged into a surge protector the printer “went dead” and would not reboot this morning. I discovered we had had a power failure during the night and the backup generator did not go on because we didn’t have it set up to do so yet. I did a Google search and tried everything suggested:
* Unplug and plug again.
*Reboot computer.
*Deinstall software and reinstall it.
Nothing worked! Finally I found some info online that said to simply try this:
Unplug the printer and LEAVE IT UNPLUGGED FOR AT LEAST 5 MINUTES before plugging it back in and trying to turn it on. Guess what? It worked! I would have tried a feng shui incantation and some smudging and set the intentions for the printer to work again but I’ll save that for a last resort.

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