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You still have time to enter to win the Blue Hill Inn. Entry fee is $150 and 200 word essay must be yours and yours alone. Check out details on this opportunity to be the new owner of this historic B & B: http://winthebluehillinn.com

I have personally seen this inn and can attest to the feng shui being lovely and positive. Downeast Maine without the kitsch– upscale, charming, and a great place to stay. Why not test your luck?

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March is Travel & Helpful People month at Feng Shui By Fishgirl. One of the fun things about traveling for me is putting my feng shui eyes to good use to find unusual places to report about here. Tucked away on a back road off a back road in the already remote Big Pine Key, Florida is one such place. The No Name Pub is famous for being hard to find. Yet once you do, you’ll most certainly find it crowded with other people as this is a most popular destination about 30 miles from Key West. The food is really good pizza, local seafood, and pub fare. We recommend the Royal Pizza. However it’s the decor that caught my attention. Every square inch of ceiling and wall surface and columns has dollar bills stapled to it.

As you can see here, people write their names or other messages on the bills. Can you take a guess at how much money is attached to the No Name Pub’s interior? (By the way, there is an upstairs, too, but they only have half the space there covered with bills so far).

Hearts seem to be a big theme when deciding what message to draw on your dollar. That’s also sending a great feng shui message to the universe: Love and/or I Love Wealth.

Traditionally you will often find one dollar bill framed in restaurants to indicate the first dollar received by customers. Sometimes you’ll see a Ben Franklin framed. Even if they’ve never heard of feng shui, restaurant owners tend to have a sixth sense that honoring the first dollar is good for their luck. It is a symbolic ritual that enhances the ch’i energy—money attracts money—and that’s good feng shui.

We asked the waitress how much money there was stapled all about. She said that the last time someone counted it there was roughly $130,000 in dollar bills fluttering down from the ceiling and walls. There is often a 20 minute wait time for indoor seating which proves that the decor is attracting a lot of business to the No Name Pub. This is one instance where “clutter” is great feng shui!

By the way, one of the most fun things about Big Pine Key is that it is home to an endangered species of miniature Key Deer. They roam freely all over the place. You’re not allowed to feed them. But they are amazing to see because of their petite size.

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Laziness can often cost us money. How? I’ve discovered that if I take the time to followup on things like searching for a better plan or returning faulty products, it often pays off in even bigger ways. Here are some Feng Shui By Fishgirl tips on where to find some money where you might not think to look…

*Switch Services We switched our TV & Internet service recently to another company. Then the previous company came back to us with an offer-we-couldn’t refuse at a fifth of the price we were originally paying with them, plus they paid off the contract with the new company.

*Stay Loyal Alternatively, if you are loyal to one TV company, then get in the practice of calling your cable company and asking them what they’ve done for you lately for being a loyal customer—you’ll be offered special gifts such as 3 months free upgrade to premium HBO packages etc that can save you big bucks both in your monthly bills but also in your entertainment expenses (staying home to watch your new premium channels will save you money). Ask and ye shall receive.

*Go Monthly No Contract Cellular Get rid of your land line and go with a monthly cell phone service that doesn’t require a contract. Boost or Virgin both have rock bottom plans ($20 month for basic, $30 month for an upgrade plan that includes 1500 min talk and texting) that will save you lots.

*Write Letters Don’t be afraid to complain if you are unhappy with a product or service. You will be surprised what you might get. We were unhappy with the condition in which a high end ping pong table arrived. We got a second table for free. Airlines often give credit vouchers. Food companies give product or coupons. Taking the time to write a letter–rather than watch TV–can pay off for you and give you customer satisfaction. Plus you’re helping the company improve their goods and services and that’s good feng shui.

*Bring it Back How often do you come home from the grocery store only to discover that some of the food items you bought were spoiled or beyond the purchase date? It’s happening more frequently now that the economy is forcing staffing cutbacks at retail chains. Don’t just toss it away. Put it aside and take it back to the store the next time you shop (don’t make an extra trip just to return an item as then you’re leaving a bigger carbon footprint AND paying for gas). You’ll get reimbursed and sometimes an additional voucher for replacement product.

*Consolidate Your Shopping Which brings me to another tip: group your errands together so that you only make one trip and save gas. This is better for you and for the planet!

SHARE YOUR TIPS with us in the comments section!

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Long before Madonna was the Material Girl, feng shui experts knew that accumulating wealth is one way to measure our success in the world. Creating a welcoming space that honors the money you already have is just one of the feng shui secret tools for attracting more money to you.

Imagine that you are already wealthy and you deserve the best. Your wallet and/or your handbag should reflect that image. If your money is living in a ratty old wallet with ripped seams and tattered edges, update it. Spend some of your hard earned cash on a new wallet. Invest in a new purse. Treat yourself (and your dollars) to the best you can afford. It doesn’t have to be expensive or even fancy. The idea is to give your money a fresh and well maintained space to hang out in. Even those beautifully printed paper wallets that you can find in Chinese gift shops serve the purpose (as long as you replace it each time it begins to show wear & tear). Check out this blog that has some cool alternative wallets that are fresh and fun and made from recycled audio cassettes.

Once you’ve got he new carrying case for your money, the next step is keeping it clutter-free. Try to keep the money from being lost in a jumble of other stuff. Make sure your billfold doesn’t have receipts poking out of every crevasse. Tidy up your credit cards (do you really need to carry so many?). Look at the bottom of your handbag at least once a week and remove all the stale gum, candy wrappers, grocery lists, empty mint tins, and spare change that has accumulated there.

Money guru Suze Orman espouses feng shui concepts. One of Orman’s suggestions is that all bills in your wallet should be organized facing the same direction and in order of ones to twenties and so on. Being able to quickly count how much money you have with you makes you more conscious of your personal wealth. Once you become more aware of how to respect and handle money, you open the door for more wealth to come in.

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Painting by Katy Allgeyer (c) 2008

Painting by Katy Allgeyer (c) 2008

Where do you place your health and fitness on your list of priorities? Seriously, make a list. Examine your list closely. Is working late hours a higher priority than working out? Does scoring the next raise and promotion rate higher with you than raising your heartbeat? If so, you’re not practicing feng shui.

The feng shui bagua map positions the “Family & Health” sector immediately below the Wealth sector. This signifies the importance of maintaining good health in order to create abundant prosperity. It also is symbolic of the idea that a strong family, a strong body and mind, are essential to building a strong foundation for attracting and accumulating wealth.

The art of feng shui is about achieving balance in our lives so that chi (energy) can circulate freely without blockage. I often think of feng shui as yoga for the environments where we live and work because yoga teaches our bodies to breathe. Ever get winded going up a flight of stairs? Well, if your home or office has stagnant energy in it, it’s like the room or building itself is in a constant state of being winded. Not having enough energy to do the job. And in this case, the job I’m referring to is having enough positive chi to support a balanced life, a life filled with opportunities for success.

Spring is a time of renewal. I recommend that in order to create more wealth and prosperity in our lives, we must pay more attention to our health and our family relationships.

*Routine maintenance. Get a complete physical to make sure you catch any problems early.

*Get moving! Fit exercise into your busy schedule, even if it’s simply walking more.

*Eat healthy. It’s really true that we are what we eat. A good rule of thumb is to eat a wide range of colors in fruits and veggies so you know you’re getting your vitamins naturally.

*Make amends. If you have some discord with family members, take the first step towards reconciliation.

Remember, maintaining good health and healing those family rifts directly impacts your wealth sector. Reason enough to do it!


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