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CRAFTY GENIUS: Erica Wilson dies at 83; needlework instructor built embroidery empire – latimes.com

Last week we lost one of the most creative persons who was a genius in her own right (many say her husband Vladimir Kagan, furniture designer and renaissance man is also a genius). Erica Wilson and her husband Vladi have had long creative careers but also a very long and very successful relationship. Their marriage was the kind you shook your head in wonder at because you could see even after all their time together they were still very affectionate, loving, and in love with each other and true partners in every sense of the word. A feng shui inspiration if ever there was one. Read more about Erica’s fascinating history here:

Obituary: Erica Wilson dies at 83; needlework instructor built embroidery empire – latimes.com.

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Vladimir Kagan & his wife Erica Wilson in the 50's.

You may know about Vladimir Kagan as a furniture and interior design icon. We know him as a friend. Decades before I was ever introduced to Vladimir by my lifemate Scott, I looked to his wife Erica Wilson for color and yarn inspiration for my knitwear designs. Here’s a great photo of the two of them taken from Vladi’s new blog. I must say, his writing is rife with humor and wit and is as much fun as coming across his curvaceous couches for the first time.

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