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The following tale is one of synchronicity, art, following one’s passion just for the pleasure of it. Vivian Maier took hundreds of thousands of photographs over her lifetime. She lived alone as a nanny in a room at her employers. A young man named John Maloof discovered a storage bin of her negatives and began some detective work on his own time. He tracked her down for months only to discover that Vivian had died a few days prior to him learning who she was. No doubt there will be more to this story as historians and museum curators become involved in securing Vivian Maier’s place within significant American photographers. One of the interesting feng shui points in the story—besides the remarkable photographs—is that apparently Vivian was also a hoarder. Stacks of boxes filled her single room and overflowed to a storage area in the basement as well as recently discovered storage areas outside of her home. See the video and feel free to comment your thoughts!

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