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Photo Credit: Mark Compton for Dwell Magazine

This sweet little vintage 1959 Airstream trailer was lovingly remodeled by Andreas Stavropoulos in Berkeley. See the interior renovation at Dwell Magazine. There’s something to be said for living in a compact space: it forces you to deal with your clutter! That’s good for your feng shui. It looks like this guy has eliminated the bathroom facilities that are usually so cute in Airstreams. I’m not sure that’s good feng shui or very practical but I do like how he organized his interior.

My boyfriend owns 4 vintage Airstreams. One of them is being totally redone (we’ll post pics in the fall when it’s ready) and we’ll be taking it on the road hopefully this winter. Two others will be gutted and converted into gallery space eventually. The fourth is in mint condition and serves as a guest house on the apple orchard in Stonington, Maine. We welcome visitors!


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