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STUPID CUPID (The Feng Shui of Valentine’s Day)

With appreciation to the unknown artist who painted this Cupid & Psyche...

Uh-oh…Valentine’s Day is here and those cute little cherubs will be wreaking havoc flinging arrows all over the place. Do Cupid’s arrows have any impact on ones feng shui? Being classified as ancient WMD’s, arrows do not have a positive feng shui connotation. Since Cupid’s a mythical figure, his arrows aren’t real, but the pictures of them do symbolically equate love with a painful experience, don’t they? A pierced heart does not exactly give off a warm fuzzy vibe. Stupid Cupid!

Love is a wonderful thing and we all deserve it. Here are some useful feng shui tips to enhance the romance this Valentine’s Day.

1) CELEBRATE YOURSELF Whether or not you have a date on February 14, you should still treat yourself well and have a great time. How about a night out bowling with the guys, or, a spa date with your best girlfriends?

2) HISTORY LESSON If your ex’s name, birthday, or anniversary date is your computer access password or PIN code, change them to something more neutral that doesn’t keep you hooked to your past love chi (energy), clearing the way for new love to blossom.

3) SEEING RED Activate your passion with the color red. Wearing red satin boxers or sexy lingerie under a boring business exterior will give you that secret boost of confidence that helps you in the dating scene as well as the Working World.

4) PAIRED UP The upper right hand corner of any room or space is your feng shui Love Sector. Paired objects are what you want there. A pair of candlesticks side by side is better than separating at opposite sides of the room. Remove solo photos of yourself from this area, replace with pics of happy couples.

5) IN THE MOOD Do use candlelight, music, and beautiful bedding in your love shack. Don’t have clutter, too many electronic gadgets, and mismatched bedside tables.

6) MUM’S THE WORD The Love & Relationship Sector is associated with Mother chi. Send Mom flowers to give you good luck in love.

7) THE LITTLE THINGS COUNT A love note in your partner’s pocket, calling mid-day to tell them you miss them, bringing home your love’s favorite take-out food. . . works better than arrows do.

Please leave your own tips for beating the blues on Valentine’s Day!

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Need something to remind you that springtime is just around the corner? I found this wonderful tea tray at Harbor Farm recently. It’s pretty and chi-ful and at $12.25 will not break the bank.

My favorite tea is the premium quality Jasmine Pearls that cost and arm and a leg in tea shops. Unless you have a secret source. I used to live nearby to Los Angeles’ Chinatown where I discovered I could buy my tea for half to a third less than the fancy retailers at the mall. Half a pound is $11.00.

Of course, with your tea you need some yummy tea biscuits. Get a dozen from Emily’s for $14.50. The ones shown here are made with green tea but they have other flavors, too.

I like these hand embroidered mini-napkins from Latin Works Co., perfect for tea time, made in Ecuador. Set of 6 on sale for $9.95. Sweet!

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