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I’m in love with sliding doors used for interior spaces. Not the typical glass patio doors…I mean the sliders that utilize interesting hardware as part of the design and feature doors that are works of art. Like these.

You can get creative with the “door” section…even a painting on a canvas can be mounted on gliders…or a sculptural piece of metal…or a carved wooden door…or etched glass…or a rice paper shoji screen…or a fancy contemporary veneer finish door…or a stretched textile like an antique rug…you’re limited only by your imagination and budget. I like the form and the function of sliders like these and I believe they are excellent feng shui.

Click on the photos to take you to the design source links for each one. Or better still, create your own slider and DIY.

Consider childrens’ rooms or kitchens that have chalk paint applied to the sliders so you can write on them (child’s play or grocery lists or inspiring messages!)


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