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Planning a wedding? Make sure you incorporate personal touches that represent you and your partner for your most auspicious day. This sets up a really strong feng shui foundation for your lifetime together.  Creating memories is important, but it’s equally important to honor each other so that no one partner feels overshadowed. Take for example this young couple below who were featured in the Washingtonian recently. (Full disclosure: mom of the bride is an old college chum of mine). While reading the article about their wedding I was struck by how balanced the symbolism was in the details of their wedding. Elements of the wedding reflected the groom. Other elements reflected the bride. Still more elements reflected their joined adventures and tastes. The bride’s mom made the wedding gown (great feng shui because the Love & Marriage sector of the bagua is enhanced / strengthened by mothers). It feels like this couple really are off to a great start. Read the article and see if you think so, too. Congratulations Laura and Jesse!

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Real Weddings: Laura and Jesse – Bridal Party (washingtonian.com).


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