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This art piece by Beth Derbyshire may or may not float your boat. She calls it the rootless forest and essentially it’s a reclaimed barge filled with trees that travels up and down a canal. We once had a turtle living in our canoe. And here in Maine you’ll often see creative people turning all sorts of things into planters (old ski boots, toilets, woodstoves, to name a few). Is it art? Is it fun? Is it fun shui?

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Myrtle the Turtle


My bf fell in love with another female this summer. Her name is Myrtle. She was walking (well, more like crawling but I hate to be catty) across the busy road and he just felt he had to rescue her. Myrtle is a wild Eastern Painted Turtle. Turtles have been in the news a lot lately. The BP oil spill this summer continues to have a disastrous effect on sea turtles (click here for story…note: pics of distressed turtles are not for the faint of heart).

Turtles are auspicious symbols of wealth and longevity. They are the guardians of the North direction (signified by the number one, hence a single turtle whether you are keeping a live one or a sculpture of one in your home is better for feng shui luck). The North direction governs Career. That’s why having a solo tortoise picture or sculpture in your office (facing towards you, not out the door) is a good idea. If you’re starting a new business or project, choose a sculpture that shows a baby turtle instead of a fully grown one to give you that “birth of a new idea!” energy, leaving room for unlimited expansion of your feng shui.

Dreaming of turtles can be interpreted as lucky as well. If you are about to start a new job, for example, and have a happy dream about a turtle, you can pretty much relax as you’ve been given a message that this career direction is a very good one for you. The online dream circle I belong to is serendipitously called “Turtle Dreamers“, named after Native American traditions (Earth is the turtle’s back).

We released Myrtle back into the wild at the end of the summer. We hope her feng shui was enhanced as much by knowing us as ours was by knowing her.



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