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Gotta love anyone with the creativity to recycle leather western belts into lawn chair webbing! Feng Shui By Fishgirl thinks this idea is way cool and has good feng shui. It reminds me slightly sorta of the seatbelt chairs made famous by The Hunger Games. Slightly. See more pics and the “how to” at kiki the spunky munky.


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Remember Old McDonald had a farm? I wonder if he had an awesome kitchen like this one made from reclaimed barnboard and distressed zinc for the countertop. I’m not crazy about the basket fixture and I do think you need some relief from all that wood to have great feng shui. However, in a certain setting this could be very cool. This kitchen is in a mountain retreat in Asheville, NC and more of it can be seen at Kitchens.com. BTW if you have an old barn or shed on your property, those distressed barn boards—or even the entire building intact– are worth some hay in resale value. See the Old Barn Wood Site for more info.


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One trend I’ve been following for awhile is eco-tourism and upscale sustainable design. Case in point: the Heritance Kandalama Hotel in Sri Lanka. The 3 pools at the resort were built with an ancient Sri Lankan filtration technology. The roof has a lush overhanging garden reminiscent of the fabled hanging gardens of Babylon.

A great destination for bird watchers and trekkers, too. Meanwhile the nearby Dambulla Cave Temple holds 150 Buddah statues that date back to the 19th Century. With this type of attraction, Sri Lanka seems poised to become the next Bali.

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Photo From NewGarde Blog

Do you think this sustainable design with photovoltaic panels to recharge your technology is wonderful or do you think the designer is off their rocker? From my Feng Shui By Fishgirl standpoint, I think it’s good feng shui because it is visually pleasing to me, has great yin curves to balance out yang angles, is green design, and has a rocking motion that stimulates ch’i energy. And the other cool thing is I discovered a cool design blog called newgarde that has more information about it and a lot of other cool stuff. Do you like design that extraordinarily creative or do you prefer more traditional furnishings? Why?

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