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Not sure where this pic came from but I love it--thank you!

Sometimes you’ll walk into a room where the ceilings are oh so high and it feels a bit overwhelming. Hanging art–balancing mobiles– or other objects such as the colorful paper lamps shown above will help your ch’i energy dance and circulate throughout the space. The room above even has a mirrored disco ball serving as a giant crystal to disperse the ch’i even more! Don’t be afraid of color–it can be playful and empower your Creativity & Future Projects Sector.

Stairwells are great locations for kinetic art like the hanging sculpture pictured above. Often you can find mobile art like this at museum gift shops…it doesn’t have to be expensive to help your feng shui.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

You can even use Tibetan Prayer flags to improve your feng shui inside or outside your home. Imagine that the owners of the first home pictured tacked Tibetan Prayer flags from the beams instead of lanterns? It would have a similar positive impact and raise ch’i levels accordingly.

Think of the space above when you decorate your home. Are your ceilings too high? Too low? Just right? How can you improve your space?

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