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Glass sculptures from artist Giampaolo Amoruso

Do you surround yourself with blank walls and empty shelves or do you feast your eyes on colorful images and objects that make you smile?

Snowmen lamp post--public art in Holland.

Does your town put up boring traditional sculptures when they’re choosing public works of art or do they go for whimsical and unusual? Next time your town is looking for art, be sure to go to the public meeting and vote for art that represents you and your taste!

Your home and its furnishings can be works of art, too.

Would you ever dare to have a couch shaped like a pair of lips? Or perhaps lipsticks shaped like….well, take a look below.

Conceptual art piece in a museum exhibition called "Red".

Art can be funny. Art can be offensive. Art can be inspiring. Art can be beautiful. Art can be thought-provoking. Art can uplift our ch’i.

Look up to the heavens...

The church knew that. This is why they employed artists throughout the Renaissance period for commissioned works of art depicting the bible stories on canvas and on ceiling frescoes throughout Europe. Life sized murals that inspire awe and wonder even today. Does your home inspire you? A well placed piece of art can really change the energy in a room. Look at your walls and niches and see if there’s room for some art to improve your space.

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