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I’m designing a new collection of rugs that will be handwoven in Egypt. It’s too early for me to show you the designs but stay tuned to Feng Shui By Fishgirl as we get closer to High Point Market week I’ll have photos of the rugs to show you. Meanwhile, I discovered a great interactive program online that lets you search for the proper stain removal method for particular stains you may have on your rugs. Check it out here at the Dilmaghani rug website . They have some gorgeous rugs  on display there, too, like this wavy gravy contemporary that has a good feng shui feel to it.

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Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Living artfully is great for your feng shui. Why not start from the floor up? Don’t be afraid of unique shapes, color-color-color, or even pictorial rugs that can be hung on the wall (like my “Opera House” rug that was created from one of my paintings of Stonington, Maine shown below).

Opera House Rug (Katy Allgeyer Collection)--Handcrafted Tibetan Rug made in Nepal

And how about the rug below from Company C instead of a simple Welcome Mat? Color adds ch’i (energy) and makes us cheerful by lifting our spirits.

Company C handcrafted rug.

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