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RED POWER! Boosting Feng Shui With the Color Red

A beautiful design from Period Corsets.

Red is a powerful color. The symbol of passion. (That 1950’s corset from Period Corsets shown above would not have the same erotic power if it were made of blue satin.) Red stands out. Red is the color of fire. Red is HOT! It’s used as a warning, attracting our attention. Just think of the Red Carpet at the Oscars…would it hold the same power if it were yellow? Red attracts. We use feng shui to attract opportunity and strengthen power points within a space. In feng shui the best sectors for applying the color red are Wealth, Fame, and Love—the upper 3 sectors of the bagua.

Adding red accessories to these areas of your home will add instant feng shui punch. You can use the color red to accent a wall or select red furnishings carefully (one red chair for example). At work, red shows up in “power ties” on men and all red suits on women (remember Hillary Clinton’s campaign suits?) but there are other ways to use red for career. Red can secretly make us feel our own power (try wearing that red satin bustier completely concealed under your grey flannel suit next time you go to an important meeting!).

Do you have the color red in your home? Tell Feng Shui By Fishgirl how you harness the power of red in your life…

Here's a great example of a red accent chair providing feng shui PUNCH!

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Thanks to dallasvintageshop.com for photo.

Thanks to dallasvintageshop.com for photo.

    “Clothes make the man.” “Let’s see what cut of cloth he’s made of.” “She’s dressed for success.” “That outfit makes you look like a million bucks.” Tired cliché’s? Perhaps. But often there is a kernel of truth in well-worn sayings such as these. Appearances do count when one is trying to make a good impression in the working world. Can feng shui be applied to clothes, too?

    Yes, the clothes we wear can and do influence our feng shui. Certain colors activate and energize us, others soothe us. Wearing those colors has that impact.

For example, red is the symbol for fire, passion, and activating. Red is a powerful color and a mood lifter. Red grabs attention whether it’s worn in a power tie, a Hillary Clinton pantsuit, or a Sarah Palin lipstick. Try this: next time you wake up feeling so-so, go for the bright red sweater or scarf. You’ll not only look better, you’ll feel better, too. If on the other hand, you’re all wound up and can’t relax, you may want to rethink those bright red silk pajamas. Sure, they’re great for stirring up passions, but to calm down you want a tranquil shade of green or blue.

    It’s not just about color. It’s about balance. Wearing too much of one hue or type of fabric in one outfit can be overpowering and put you off balance (not good for chi energy). For example, a leather jacket or a leather skirt or pants is great. But a head-to-toe leather jacket, vest, pants or skirt is too much of a good thing. Leather is animal; to balance it you need some plant-based material (silk, cotton, or linen), and perhaps add some metal touches in your accessories (belt buckles and jewelry) and some gemstones in your jewelry.

    Besides color and balance, one needs to consider common sense. Don’t wear it if it’s in disrepair, unclean, unkempt, out-of-style, doesn’t fit, or doesn’t enhance your looks. Tip: Visit the Career Fashion Blog to see more cool clothes ideas for work.


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