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Color plays an important role in the practice of feng shui. Read on to see how the right hue can maximize your career prospects.CAREER: Black is the color of the Career sector of the bagua map. Black represents water, which is the natural element associated with career. Wearing black or having black furniture and accessories in your office makes a strong statement that you are serious about your career. Touches of black are enough — anything in excess represents an imbalance. Feng shui is about achieving perfect balance in all areas of your life.

WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE: Green and black and midnight blue are smart choices. If you’re studying for a test, consider wearing one or all of these colors until you’ve passed the exam. Or consider using these colors in your library or office, especially if you are in the professions of law, teaching, clergy or dispensing knowledge of any kind.

FAMILY & HEALTH: Green strengthens ties to health and family. Eating green foods leads to good health. Sustainable “green” design is a plus.

Photo from wastematerialthing.com

Photo from Rachel's Look Book blog.

FAME & REPUTATION: Red matches the element of fire, which is the activator for fame. Just watch political candidates — even Democrats will wear a red power tie. Wearing red under clothes is also effective.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP: Red and shades of pink, peach and white are all conducive to romance and the strengthening of relationships.

CREATIVITY & FUTURE PROJECTS: White is what works here. Perhaps because it represents a clean slate, an empty canvas, a clear mind? White is also equal to the element of metal, which rules this area of the feng shui map. Rooms where creative types meet and work on new concepts ideally should be pristine white.

TRAVEL & HELPFUL PEOPLE: Grey or black or white used singly or together will enhance this area. Silver and other metals also work. Consider framing travel photos in these colors or try wearing a gray flannel suit when you’re meeting with your investors.

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POLL: IS YOUR OFFICE WORKING FOR YOUR FENG SHUI? $99 will get you back on track in 2011…

Take the poll and let Feng Shui By Fishgirl know if you’re interested in the $99 feng shui office energizer consultation by mail. Free Love Power Heart signed print for everyone who books their office consultation during the month of February 2011. Consultation includes a review of your own personal office space or cubicle (ie: not the entire floor of an office building) to locate the Command Position and give you solutions for improving your work feng shui.

Contact fishgirl@earthlink.net for your by-mail Office Energizer Consultation. Include your phone number, mailing address, diagram sketch of your office space with your deck and other furniture details drawn in, entry door, etc  (see this post for example of how to hand sketch your layout of your floorplan) and any photos and descriptions of your wall color, flooring material etc. We will get back to you within 3-4 weeks to confirm your consultation details and arrange for your payment via PayPal. You’ll receive your written report and your FREE Love Power Heart print soon after!

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SPACE INVADERS~ How Cacti & Dragons Can Help You At Work

Photo Credit: FreeFoto.com

They used to call it the secretarial pool (and on Mad Men they still do): that wide open space with waves of desks one right after another. If you work in this open office type of environment no one needs to tell you about the lack of privacy, the constant noise level, and the myriad of distractions to keep you from your work. Some people thrive off of this communal atmosphere (cops, newspaper reporters, and stock market traders to name a few). Others flail around in the pool, getting nowhere fast. Could this be you?

How can we use feng shui to cope with and to improve a situation where what little space we have is being invaded constantly? Is there a way to put up an invisible boundary that can help us concentrate and get the job done under adverse conditions such as the ones I’ve described? The answer is: yes.

Make room on your desk for a potted plant. Believe it or not, choosing a plant with spiky pointed leaves will do the trick. A prickly cactus plant is even better (and requires less attention on your part). Locate them to the center of your desk or to the center sides where people adjoin your desk. Be careful to avoid placing it in the upper left or upper right hand corners of your desk. The reason? Your goal is simply to put up a barrier to negative influences. You don’t want to stop the flow of opportunity in your wealth area or to create prickly communications with colleagues in your love & relationship area.

Another useful feng shui solution is to harness the power of the mighty dragon to protect your territory. Buy yourself a carved statue of a dragon (easily found in your local Chinatown or online; do a search for “feng shui import” companies) and locate it in the wealth area of your desk (upper left hand side). It doesn’t need to be large or expensive. Dragon symbols are powerful wealth activators. But they also serve to scare away negative energy and put up a protective shield around their domain. Which just happens to be YOUR desk!

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GOT FENG SHUI? 5 Tips For the Office

In big cities around the world, some of the most powerful people have harnessed the power of feng shui. From Hong Kong to Sydney to London, NYC and LA if you know what to look for you’ll recognize feng shui symbols of power in many a corporate tower.( Here’s one office that could REALLY benefit, LOL!) Feng shui is a very complex art but you can start employing basic feng shui practices at work now and see what happens. Warning: you could end up loving your job, or, finding one that you do!

Locate the optimum Power Position for your desk. The best place is the “Wealth” trigram. Find this area by standing in the doorway to your office, facing inside. The upper left hand section with your desk facing your door so your back is not turned is the optimum power position. Best to have a solid wall behind you instead of a window, too.

Keep your environment clutter free. That means clearing out anything unnecessary/broken and keeping all your files and tools of your trade organized. In other words, this is a good time to demonstrate that you’re a neat freak.

In feng shui terms, you can’t beat red and purple for activating your Wealth area. How to use them at work:
*Wear a touch of power red (necktie, scarf, blouse, or underwear).
*Choose the red chair to sit at in meetings if there is one.
*Organize your files using purple folders.
*Keep your tools in a red or purple container.

using appropriate wall art that symbolizes success or inspiration, you lift the energy level in your work environment. If you’ve got a degree of higher learning, frame it in a manner befitting the expense you paid for the college tuition instead of a cheap 5 & 10 frame. Awards, honors, certificates of distinction? Display them proudly to build confidence in yourself and from your employers or customers. The Fame & Reputation area is the optimum location to do so.

Keep your ch’i (energy) clean. You need to “wash away” the emotional residue of a bad day at work. You can do this by literally washing your hands or taking a shower while at the same time visualizing that you are releasing the toxic situations you experienced down the drain. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and release all the stress before you interact with loved ones.

Consciously making an effort to improve your work space, you’re taking the most important feng shui step of all: setting your intentions for excellence.

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