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Mouth of Ch'i

Mouth of Ch'i

Mouth of Ch’i


What a colorful name for something we Americans usually call “the front door”. But if ch’i flows like a river, and we think of rivers having a mouth that opens to the sea, then wouldn’t it make sense that the point where the river of life enters our personal energetic space be known to Feng Shui practitioners as the Mouth of Ch’i? Don’t worry: you can still refer to it as your front door (unless of course, you are trying to impress your realtor).

Consider, too, that the Mouth is where all nourishment comes into the body. It takes in whatever we feed it, good or bad for us. The obvious implication is that the Mouth is essential and affects the ch’i of the entire building. That’s an important job, and so it has to be dealt with respect. After all, it is also usually the very first impression that is presented to the outside world hinting at who the occupants are residing within that space.

Each room also has its Mouth, but for now, we can think of those more as valves that control the flow of ch’i within the heart/home space. Let’s take a look at the front door in more detail.

What Is Your Mouth Saying About You?


Mouths are also the means for communicating. What is your mouth saying to the world about you? Perhaps, in homage to your favorite M.A.C. lipstick, you’ve painted your Mouth of Ch’i a brilliant red color that is attracting a lot of attention to your home. This can be a very positive thing if more attention and opportunity is what you want or need to bring in. However, if you’ve designated your home to be your private retreat from the world, painting your front door red would stir things up and defeat your intentions.

Maybe you have a front door with peeling paint. The doorbell hasn’t worked in years. There used to be a welcome mat, but now there is just a dirty scrap of leftover carpet flanked by two large potted plants….ooops! sorry–the pots are filled with dirt and there seems to be some dried up sticks pointing upward that must have been lovely plants at some point. Well, it was easy for me to make that mistake since the lighting is so dim. Hmmm…the impression I am getting is that this Mouth of Ch’i hasn’t been to the dentist in awhile.

You may have a front door that is set back from the main structure of the building’s face. Or you may have a privacy screen protecting your front door from being easily viewed from the street. Your Mouth of Ch’i could be made entirely of glass. Or metal. Or wood. Each of these possibilities requires a unique assessment that takes into account the entire Feng Shui picture of the space being evaluated.

By now you get my point that the physical appearance of your entryway is vital to your home’s health and says a lot about you and what you will attract into your life. In fact, there is a reason why so many of us neglect our front doors. It is because here in America, often our garages are attached to our houses which makes it more convenient to enter the home through a different door. Depending on your situation, this could be a back door or side door. The main Mouth of Ch’i has been relegated for infrequent use by company, door-to-door salesmen, and the occasional fire drill.

As you might imagine, all of these factors play a vital role in making a correct analysis of a client’s Feng Shui. Sometimes the practitioner may even suggest deliberately using the back door instead of the front, or vice versa, if the client’s particular situation would be served best with this solution. There are sometimes cases where multiple entrances create a double bagua scenario which can be effectively used to enhance power points if activated properly. Feng Shui is many layered and it is best to have an expert opinion to accurately guide you through the complexity of your individual needs.

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Two thumbs up for these creative door handles. I applaud the designers, just gotta hand it to them for thinking outside the boring doorknob. For shaking things up with a handshake. Which do you like best?


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This path could have been made straight but the slight curve makes for better feng shui.

Note the slightly curved path of flagstones.

Wider at the street or driveway side is best for your feng shui because it lets in opportunities with "arms wide in welcome".

Like a river, this walkway has twists and turns for good ch'i.

This driveway / sidewalk combo has an auspicious planting to break up the ch'i and also a circular rondele brick pattern inlaid into the driveway--with curves and beautiful landscaping. Excellent feng shui!

Pathways have great significance in feng shui practice. If you’re looking to move to a new home, keep your eyes open for the sidewalk paths and driveways. It is most auspicious to have a sidewalk or path leading to your home in an indirect meander rather than a straight shot to your Mouth of Ch’i (front entryway). This symbolizes the positive ch’i energy tarrying longer on your property instead of whooshing right through like an arrow. It’s also auspicious to have your pathway widen at the bottom towards the street. If your pathway is narrower at it’s entrance and then widens up near your house it might look somewhat like the picture below. That’s a feng shui negative but of course Feng Shui By Fishgirl can almost always find a feng shui cure to solve this and other feng shui problems. Call or email for a consultation today!

This spatula shaped walkway is wider at the home side than it is at the entry to the property--a feng shui no-no.

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Location, Location, Location

In Black Hat Sect Feng Shui tradition, the Mouth of Ch’i determines the placement of the bagua locations. There are three possibilities for location of the front door:

Knowledge & Self Cultivation Position which is located to the left hand side of the front of your building. (Also known as the “Ken” position, but, then some of you wiseguys might complain that there is no “Barbie” position so I will stick to the English names!) 

Career Position  which is located within the central area of the front of your structure.

Travel & Helpful People Position which is the area occupying the right hand side of your building. 

There are particular colors natural to each position which enhance the energy associated with each area. There are also specific implications for business owners. Each area relates to a very different philosophy of conducting business. For instance, should one put one’s time and energy into developing direct relationships with the local chamber of commerce or would a TV advertisement be more effective? With Feng Shui, the location of your Mouth of Ch’i would give you the answer and help you to avoid wasting time and money.

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